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9 Simple Tricks to Eat Less

Cut Calories, Not Satisfaction



7/7/2012 3:32:48 PM

Great tips


5/5/2012 4:10:07 PM

Well, if smaller dishes work for you, great. However, I actually eat MORE when I use smaller dishes. I always think I can have a second portion, cuz, geez the plate or bowl is sooo small (i.e. I feel like I am eating a snack instead of a meal). I find if I take a regular size plate and just spread out the food, this works much better. If I don't have quite enough to spread out? Just put some more veggies on.


3/20/2012 6:02:43 AM

Thank you for this article, it is useful,I already have a smaller plate and fork than the rest of the family, the only problem I have with slowing down with the eating, I like my hot food to be hot, if it has cooled down too much before I get to it on the plate, I won't eat it, so end up wasting it or giving it away then I have not had a balanced meal and not consumed enough calories. Any ideas how to get round this one? (I don't like reheating the food either as is tastes different and not very nice).


3/8/2012 10:39:48 AM

Like the idea of smaller plates and dividing and filling 1/2 the plate with veggies!!! Good idea. I'm going to get a timer too. I gobble my food.


10/13/2011 12:50:56 PM

I just read your article and know exactly what you mean about skipping breakfast. I stopped eating breakfast when I was pregnant with my first child b/c the thought of food in the morniing made me nauseous. I wasn't sick, but just the smell or thought of food. That turned into a habit that stayed for years which also turned into a lot of weight gain through the years as well. Now that I'm almost at my goal, I look forward to breakfast every morning as soon as I get up! Thank you for the other great tips as well.


9/23/2011 8:28:50 AM

GODZDESIGN95's SparkPage
Sounding like Beck prinicipals included. Now I have to remember to slow down. LOL!


9/22/2011 5:26:57 PM

I use my smart phone and consume 1880 calories each day. I lose 2 pounds per week with this method.


9/22/2011 4:42:23 AM

I found how to handle trap foods and portion control whrn eating out very helpful.


9/15/2011 7:43:40 PM

MYMEEOF76's SparkPage
FANTASTIC ADVICE....THANK U VERY MUCH 4 SO MANY WONDERFUL IDEAS & ADVICE. It's things like this that people like me- yrs of failing but determining now 2 succeed- have more of an advantage over a society in which eating/ food is ever prersent.


9/13/2011 10:38:57 AM

I loved the ideas and tips presented. I already do some of these things, like the smaller does help. Any of these and even all of them wouldnt be too hard to implement. I have a med/large family and I am still trying to get the hang of pre-preparing my meals in the correct measurement. Wish me luck.


9/7/2011 8:52:45 PM

MAGPIE2805's SparkPage
Very useful article. Using a smaller plate is such a simple idea - you just can't serve too much on a smaller plate. Dividing your food up is a great tip that you can use anywhere..


8/25/2011 10:32:16 AM

Absolutely wonderful article. Portion control in our "Super Size It" world is a challenge and these tips will definitely make our goals more attainable. Thank you!


8/25/2011 9:02:42 AM

GREAT article . Thanks


7/8/2011 2:49:56 PM

RAEREB's SparkPage
LOVED this article!!!! My favorite is dividing your plate. That is so easy to do but something I never thought of. Thank YOU!!!


5/10/2011 9:37:21 AM

NEWA2011's SparkPage
What great tips!! I am going to use a timer at my next meal. As a retired teacher, I know I eat too fast still. Shoveling in food within five minutes was a normal part of lunch during the school day. After walking children to and from the cafeteria as well tutoring during that time, little time was left for eating properly. Thanks for the simple, but clever, ideas!

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