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9 Simple Tricks to Eat Less

Cut Calories, Not Satisfaction


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  • If you don't like the look of the smaller-sized plate in front of, make your place setting appear more glamorous as well as larger, by using full size plate as a charger, or a salad plate under your smaller bowl. Fill the space in front of you (and I DON'T mean your belly!) to make things more appealing and less Spartan!
  • Dear Hooktontravel, I hear what your saying. But remember when you deprive your body of calories for long periods of time it affects your metabolism. Your calorie burning is likely to slow down because your body/brain isn't sure when you'll fuel it again. Don't continue to send your body into these temporary "deprivation" phases. Fuel regularly with proper nutrition and you're desire to eat a lot will fade away.
  • Really great tips. I am saving this ti go back to. You need things like this to fall back on.
  • These are all very good tips. I have been meaning to get some smaller plates and bowls for awhile now. They help trick your mind into thinking you are eating more than you really are. I think sometime this week I will go buy some.
  • Tracking my food has helped me focus on calories that I take in. I try to eat 3 meals a day and add vegetables or fruit to each. My problem seems to be I always crave crunch stuff so I munch on some crackers.
  • "Enjoy every bite!" How often do we eat and not even think or taste what we are eating.
    When I truly savor each bite it is amazing how much less i will eat.
    "Know your pitfalls" is definitely most important for me. If there's something in the house that I crave I will eat it!
  • Think of breakfast as "break" "fast" meaning you are breaking the fast from your last meal (dinner from the night before) which could be 10+ hours. It makes sense.
  • SooooHaaaaard to stay focused
  • The suggestions are helpful even if you try some of them. Breakfast is not the only meal anyone eats. One suggesion missing is: Take a preplanned lunch to work and eat it away from your desk.
    I like that word... paradigm.. Its nice.. =)
    I'm with Forestpal. I definitely do better if I skip breakfast as compared to eating it. the discipline to fast, though, is tough. My problem isn't the stomach hunger, but the obsession with putting things into my mouth continuously once i've begun to do so. If I wait until 3 in the afternoon to eat, even when I eat more it's not as much as when I start in the AM and eat steadily all day...
    I find it helpful when I have the urge to eat outside of regular meal times or late at night is to brush my teeth. That leaves my mouth fresh and no lingering taste of something that I may have eaten earlier.
    Also when I have a bad craving for something sweet, which is my trigger for over eating, I keep breath mints around at all times and have a couple of those. That seems to stop the thoughts of wanting something sweet and over doing.
  • I believe some people react differently to breakfast. I recently read a blog where the dieter gradually delays breakfast time. For me, breaking fast triggers hunger struggles the rest of the day. My food diary shows I eat less on days break fast is later. Love the whole article. Have found the rest of it absolutely true for me.
  • I've come to the point where I'm exercising enough that I need to consider eating a little more - of the right foods of course. It's quite a paradigm shift. Kinda' surprising for me, since I've always focused on eating less, rather than eating more because I'm burning so much cycling. I like these ideas though and I use most of them.

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