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9 Simple Tricks to Eat Less

Cut Calories, Not Satisfaction


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  • I've come to the point where I'm exercising enough that I need to consider eating a little more - of the right foods of course. It's quite a paradigm shift. Kinda' surprising for me, since I've always focused on eating less, rather than eating more because I'm burning so much cycling. I like these ideas though and I use most of them.
    I feel absolutely ravenous - all the time. Otherwise, I'd be able to take home a doggy bag. I like the suggestion of replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods and not worry so much about portions.
  • Hey! I don't WANT to eat less! If I eat less, I will feel deprived and hungry, regardless of the tricks I try to play, like drinking water or using a smaller plate. I see absolutely nothing wrong with eating mass quantities of fruits, veggies, salads, and other low-calorie foods.
  • Good tips to follow! I've been using a food diary to log my daily intake, and it has helped immensely. Just seeing how many calories are in the foods I eat has helped me to cut down on portion size and keep me from mindless snacking. I used to be driving home from work and be thinking all the way about what I was going to eat when I got in the door. The things I would snack on were usually cookies, candy, or other quick treats that were easy to grab & eat. Now I try to eat a cheese stick or a Fiber One bar. I don't want to totally cut foods from my diet for fear I will start craving them and then binge. However, by writing the foods I eat into my food diary, it makes me more accountable for what I'm eating. I used to think nothing of eating 10 homemade cookies on the day I baked them. Knowing how many calories are in I allow myself ONE! I love to bake, so I try to do my baking on days that I know I will be taking them to church or to a friends house to share. Otherwise, I put whatever I bake into the freezer and only take out a little at a time. The food diary has been a big help for me. I also log my exercise/workout into the diary too!
  • as a child i was told children were starving in the world,was told this house be longs to the clean plate club,,and eating fast was the rule of the house, so im learning now to stop take a min to remind my self to slow down when i eat and yes that helps when geting full faster ,i also try to eat breakfest in the morning it helps ,,didnt think it would but it does only time i skip breakfest is when i no my dinner will be a little higher in calories ,,,but i still try to eat at least a grapefriut wwhen i do so , smaller bowles and plates work great to ,,we tend to by the extra large plates our hav the extra large plates so when we but the food on the plate we say wow theres no food on the plate ,,,so smaller plates and bowls help out so much your mind dont say wow not to much on my plate and feel cheated to wow i have alot of food on my late ,,i find eating a salad as im eating my dood helps not sepret
    Very helpful. Having the restaurant package up half of your meal before it's served is a great idea.
    I totally understand the need for ads, but they are now appearing over part of the text in articles -- they make reading the text difficult. It's distracting.
    I switched to smaller plates and bowls and it does help !
    That's actually a good thing! It means you're getting your metabolism going. You know how some people are always eating but they're a healthy weight? That's part diet (eating healthy things) and part metabolism. When you eat breakfast you kickstart your metabolism earlier thus giving yourself a faster metabolism.

    Unless I'm wrong. Any other ideas?

    I'm just very pro breakfast. I skip breakfast maybe once a year and when I do I get very grumpy. But I do find that I need a snack 2-3 hours later.
    Tip #10 - Drink a glass of water before eating a meal. This will help to fill you up before you even start eating.

    Tip #11 - If you feel hungry, it might actually be thirst. They both feel the same. So, before grabbing an unplanned snack, drink a full glass of water, then wait at least 10 minutes. If you're still physically hungry, then eat something. Most times, that feeling of hunger will be gone, because you were really thirsty.
    It is always good to be reminded of these tips. They are not NEW but it is necessary to review from time to time. Thanks. I would say one thing and that is so often the pictures that go with the story does not really match. The portions of the food or even the food itself is altered. For instance I can see ingredients in the photo that are not in the recipe so I wonder about that. Am I the only one that notices this/
    Good article with helpful tips. One thing SP continues to harp on is to eat breakfast. But what about those people that naturally don't feel like eating until noon? On the weekends I never eat until I feel like it, which is my natural body rythmn, and I rarely overeat. During the week I force myself to eat breakfast, and by 11:00 a.m. I'm absolutely starving, and can't make it to lunch without a snack. Consequently I always consume more calories during the week. I can't help but think this is counter productive, so this advise, well maybe it doesn't work for EVERYONE after all.
  • Great article, for the last two weeks i have eaten slower and gotten fuller faster.
  • VALERIE554
    non at the moment
    You forgot a simple but important one (for me, anyway): Stay busy! I often eat out of boredom.
  • Excellent article and I loved that you cited from whence you got some of this. As I write and study more, do more research, I have come to appreciate seeing that!

    Thank you!!!

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