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9 Simple Tricks to Eat Less

Cut Calories, Not Satisfaction


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  • Also I think I never got over not having enough food as a child. Seriously, when I eat less knowing I can have more, I feel sad and a little anxious.
  • A big bag of potatoe chips is the absolute worse thing that can happen to me. I refuse to have them in the house because I like eating them from the big taking out all the biggest chips first.
  • I have to learn to slow down. I eat like I am in a race. I think it is from my childhood. If I wanted seconds I had to beat my brother too it.
  • very useful information... will follow the tips... Thanks.
  • I agree with everything. Also when eating my Fage Greek yogurt, I eat it with a demitasse spoon, it makes it last longer, taste special....and reminds me of Rome where they serve their gelato with tiny tiny spoons...
    What is the average caloric need for a female or average height per day? What does the body require for regualr maintainance?
    Eat 'Breakfast like a queen, eat lunch like a princess, and dinner like a pauper.'
    Great article with helpful information! I practice all of these except eating slower. So, maybe that will help me bust through my plateau.
  • I ALWAYS lose more weight when I intentionally pack on the veggies... Even if I don't track or follow any other diet method. While, I am trying to make sure I track my food, the veggie method still holds true. The best thing I have come up with is hiding veggies in everything I eat. If I simply must have that drive through cheeseburger, I order it with extra extra veggies like tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. Seems to make a huge difference.

    My newest trick (which really seems to help a lot) is that I always keep a bag of baby spinach in the house- the kind that is pre-washed and ready to eat. I choose spinach because I know it's nutrition value is great (greater than a number of veggies) with such few calories. I add it to everything that I can... Especially sandwiches... by at least a cup full. It adds great flavor and a heaping serving of veggies, but not the kind you might just pick at and feel bored about eating. I even add it to sandwiches I bring home from restaurant take-out.
  • Great article! Thanks
  • I know this information to be true because I have heard it consistently and have tried it and it did work. I lost 6 pounds in 3wks monitoring my food intake in just these ways........thanks for the boost now on to make it happen! :)
    Very useful, thanks.
  • I have learned the hard way that I can't keep Oreos in the house ~ my husband is the same with Cheez-it's. So we have a pact to not buy them at all...

  • I will try those ideas, thank you!
    Thanks for your help on this. I am trying to get my husband to do this Sparks with me.

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