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How Weight-Loss Blogging Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Blog Away the Pounds!



5/10/2011 8:05:26 PM

GORIANA's SparkPage
Hee, hee, I thought, 'What if no one reads my blog?' Then, will I feel worse because no one cared to care?


2/17/2011 12:28:23 AM

LYNNSKIN1's SparkPage
I joined sparks Feb, 7th and have been keeping track of all my foods, I don't drink pop anymore cut out all sweets, but low calories snacks. I went to my family Dr. and I have lost 5 pounds. also starting cuves next week.. and started selling avon so , i am walking alot more now... so i am very proud of myself... and plan on keeping up the GOOD work..



7/8/2010 10:54:43 PM

GINNY230's SparkPage
Thanks for the article Jennipher! I, too, wrote a blog after reading this. It was difficult but I think it will make a difference in this process of becoming more honest with myself.


5/26/2010 7:52:39 PM

15MINUTES's SparkPage
I don't seem to be blogging consistently and have preferred to journal; however, you've inspired me. I think I'll try to do it twice a week. Goal set: Game on!


4/29/2010 11:26:58 PM

Blogging was the first thing I did on my Sparkpage, and I looked at it as my own journal and way to keep track of where I am. Love taking the time to reflect, and hope I can inspire others. Think this article sums it up perfectly!


4/29/2010 9:33:21 AM

Thanks to seeing a friend read this article, I too read it and everything the writer says is so true. Even after I reach my weight loss goal, I will use blogging to help me with other goals.


4/29/2010 8:31:02 AM

TEXGIRLY's SparkPage
Great article and so true. SP is my only blogging but it does everything Jenn says it does!


3/22/2010 1:19:52 PM

JPANESE's SparkPage
Great article. Thanks! I have made just a couple blog entries and was pleasantly surprised by the comments and support from new Spark friends. 8 D The article was nice encouragement to Keep On Blogging!


3/2/2010 10:03:59 PM

SLIMLILA's SparkPage
Thank you for your very information blog. I hadn't blogged before SP either. I lurked around for almost a month before I got brave enough to blog, and was also shy about saying anything to let everyone know my business. That is how my husband would state it, but I like the way you state it better. It has helped me a lot to get encouragement from others who care and have probably gone through what I'm going through... Today, was the perfect day to read your article after what I wrote in my blog today..


3/2/2010 2:10:49 PM

LAINYC's SparkPage
I will start blogging more.


2/24/2010 3:06:49 AM

DAWNYALE's SparkPage
I agree bloging could be helpful when you need that extra push.


2/18/2010 3:20:51 AM

Hmmm...I kind of agree with some of you, and then I think - I don't think I really have enough to say to blog. My life seems to be pretty much the same from day to day other than some days I feel good for a workout and some I don't. What do you think?


11/8/2009 5:49:39 PM

Funny, but I have to agree that Blogging about diet, exercise, or what not, DOES keep one focused I think. If it weren't for my blogging about my hikes, with all the comments and encouragement, I might find it easy to STOP pushing myself, after all I just turned 65, arn't you supposed to slow down and die?! NEVER!!!!


10/16/2009 6:53:07 PM

Great information. Another thing I've noticed, is the value of thinking through an issue and putting it into words. That process alone is helpful to me.


9/29/2009 1:11:54 AM

TRAINOF4's SparkPage
Blogging really helps me - especially when I''m feeling blue or outright depressed. The number of people who stop by my blog to offer support always amazes me. The few seconds it took them to create an entry & jus say Hi & Hang in There! were worth hours in my mind .. I remembered I wasn't alone in my feelings. And the blogs don't have to be just about food/exersize. They can be about anything that is causing you pain or joy. In physical reality I live in the boonies. In SP world,I lve in a village filled with caring people. I hope more people take advantage of the blogs.

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