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How Weight-Loss Blogging Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Blog Away the Pounds!


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  • thank for sharing this inspiring & interesting post
    Thanks for sharing
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • I used to blog...I gave it up. I love that people do blog. It can be therapeutic. For my therapy, I walk.
  • Blogging can be therapeutic
  • Great article. I needef the reminder regarding accountability.
  • I have learned to blog as it makes me accountable and I can "see" and "read" where I was to track where I am. Also I can determine what works for myself as well as others.
  • Great article. Thanks SP!
  • I remember in college having Mrs. Volmer and she made us take the papers from each other and rewrite them so they said the same thing but in half the amount of words. I so often would like to do that with Spark articles. LOL
  • SHARIFUL2016
    very informative post.
  • I am glad I stumbled upon this article as it really helps me understand "blogging"...especially in Sparkdom. I am still amazed by what people share on a highly personal nature...that are simply thrown out into the universe for anyone to read. After reading this article I can see how releasing some of what is pent up inside probably helps them conquer some demons and helps them let go. There are others who clearly write for attention and affirmation, and sparkers quickly rally and provide support. Still others are simply writing to help them see things more clearly and benefit from the comments they receive. Annnnnnnnd people blog for a million other reasons, and it all works as long as it helps the blogger. Ironically some of the favorite blogs I have read will never be featured, yet they resonate and motivate...truly sending sparks into the universe. Thanks for the article, I love that it has me thinking!
  • Thank you, you've given me a better understanding of the importance and purposive blogging in my overall program.
    I used to weigh 228 Lbs. at 5' 7" , then I started the Hard Boiled Egg Diet on April 19 2015.
    I would do the diet one week on and one week off, and so far as of July 27 I'am at 168 Lbs. lost a total of 60 Lbs. I use spark people Nutrition for calorie count, and weight program, I would gain about 2 Lbs. on my week off and lose 7 to 8 Lbs. on my week on. I am 64 years old. And now I'm doing heavy weight training at home, to keep it off. And if I gain a few Lbs. all I have to do is go Diet for one week to Lose it . And I feel great thanks to egg diet and Spark people.

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