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Moving Forward with the Run/Walk Training Method

Adding Walk Breaks Isn't a Step Backwards


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  • OK, Nancy, you are giving me confidence that I could do a half-marathon. I'm going to get Jeff's book and get started on the program. The HM I'm looking at is in November. Hope I'm not to late to get started!
  • as an asthmatic this was the ONLY way I could work up to doing a run (especially before I was diagnosed).
    I am doing the 5k walk / run program . I'm trying to build up endurance so I can so a full jog for 30 min without walking . So far so good . I'm on my third week.
  • I just started running again and this is how I was doing it and now that I read the article it makes me feel better. I don't have a lot of distance yet but I'm sure I can achieve distance with time.

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