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Improve Your Balance in 3 Simple Steps

Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Core and Prevent Falls


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  • Working with balance is HUGE for me. After surviving a severe brain insult some years ago, I've worked my way from relearning to walk (amongst many other things) to adding balance/core strengthening aspects into my workouts through the additions of bosu and physio balls, one-legged work, jumping rope blind folded, ... , and a 5x a week yoga practice. Balancing poses are challenging for me. I once dreaded them. Now I say, bring 'em on!
    Very helpful article, thank you!
  • I truly do think balance is a core problem for those of us 65 and older. I am heavy, diabetic, with a bad back, serious arthritis in both knees, and very sore feet with two nonmalignant tumors. Walking is painful and the mornings are really a struggle. I fell last year and broke my arm and my back, although they have healed nicely. I do stretching and focused breathing from a seated position because that is all I think I can safely do for now. As the weight comes down, I expect some pain issues to reduce and maybe by the end of 2013 I can safely do some standing exercises. Forward, slow and safe is my goal.
  • It's really important as we get older, especially if we experience knee pain, that we work on our balance. Proprioception is the ability we have at any given moment to sense the position and movements of our body. We should be able to tell without even looking if our legs are bent or straight, crossed or uncrossed. This ability is crucial when we want to do an activity that involves getting something done using our vision. For example, walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night without falling, pushing down on the gas or brake pedal in your car, or finding your keys in your pocket all involve proprioception. We risk knee injury if we lose any of that ability to sense our position or movement.
    For more info. on improving your balance and relieving minor knee problems at home, read the book, Treat Your Own Knees, by Jim Johnson, a physical therapist at Emory University.
  • When I started the Livestrong program at the Y, one of my goals was to improve balance. We worked on that and many other things for 9 weeks. At the final assessment, I had increased from 1 second to 5 seconds on a foot, but I needed to touch a stabile surface with an extended index finger.

    So then the ear doctor said my ears were great, nothing there to cause the balance, migraine, and tinnitus problems.

    Xrays at the chiropractors showed my neck going every which way, and my head was sitting on my spine at a 30 degree angle. After daily visits for 3 weeks, migraines and tinnitus were gone. And I could balance for 30 seconds with no need to touch anything.

    I appreciate your suggestions and I plan to follow them to be sure so other issues pop up here.

    But you might have unknown physical problems that need to be evaluated by an ENT specialist or a chiropractor.

    Stay healthy and vibrant!!
  • Thanks! I needed this!
  • Using the Wii is great for balancing exercises. :)
  • I am told it is the norm for one side to be stronger and more well balanced that the other. It's good to find something that I am normal in. lol I have been working on balance in some of the classes offered at the gym and am hoping that my yoga classes will also be helpful with this. It is amazing when you find out just how unstable you really are.
  • Doing the elliptical without hands on has improved my balance. For me, not easy,getting better.
  • EXCELLENT!! I am legally deaf and fight with balance issues on a daily basis. Sometimes, I lose my balance and I am pretty good at defying gravity and not fall. But, I have been concerned that when I get up in to my 50's and beyond, that I would not be so lucky. Now, I know I have a weapon to use to help me get my confidence back that being deaf is only a challenge not a threat!! Thank you so much for this gave me much needed hope and confidence for my future!! :-)
  • just what i needed i have sprained my ankle twice this spring/ summer and needed some thing like this build up the strength in the ankle. the ankle is weak since i broke the same foot twice once in 1999 and again in 2001 once slipping on ice and the second time training for a race. so i gave up running and walk now but these will help strengthen my ankle and help with balance.
  • Excellent article. I'm really pleased that I can start using these techniques to improve my balance right away.
  • I have started doing these at the gym and I have already seen results Plus My balance is getting much better.
  • great tips! I've had rotten balance the last few years-- nice to know some things I can do WHILE I do exercises that I already do!
  • I used to have better balance when I was taking karate. Sadly its one of the things I have let slip.

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