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Improve Your Balance in 3 Simple Steps

Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Core and Prevent Falls


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  • This is something I need to work on!
  • I have ALWAYS had horrible balance even since I was a child. I could be counted on to be the one who'd fall whenever I was hiking , etc. I used to laugh about it altho it wasn't funny. I fell at the end of each trimester when I was pregnant, the last one at 9 months was a belly-busting doozy. Finally I was evaluated and was told the reason I have always walked very fast was it's my way of "compensating" for having very poor balance. Reason? No one knows but I think it was because of my difficult breech birth. Mom & I both nearly died so I think my cerebellum was damaged somewhat.
    I will try these but...
  • I'm very weak due to being sedentary all my life and then getting cancer during which I lay in a recliner for two or three years. I've learned that just doing exercises to strengthen my thighs, ankles knees and back all worked to give me better balance. I haven't fallen in two or three years.
  • JMB369
    I will definitely be trying some of these. I don't have any of the serious issues some people mentioned, so I think These ideas will work well for me. I do have one leg that is not as strong as the other (old injury and too many years if unconsciously favoring it), so part of improviing balance for me is equalizing strength. Great article and one I plan to share!
  • I am glad Coach Nicole suggested gradually working on balance. My proprioceptive system has been out of whack most of my life, although it was just several years ago I encountered the term and learned what was wrong. I have virtually no sense of where I am in space and bump into walls, etc on a regular basis. I am working on gradually improving my balance overall, but no way would I try these things with my eyes closed. Without visual cues, I rapidly get disoriented and fall.

    Great suggestions... just please use caution if you already have balance issues.
    You never know that things like balance are gone until they're gone. I've never been very coordinated but now I trip over my own two feet. I fell down 3 times last month. At my age that's a dangerous thing. I'm definitely going to try these strategies. Thanks for the timely information.
    Thank you...I have BPPV, Vertigo and this is really good for balance..I appreciate all your great information!
  • thanks for reminding me that I need to incorporate balance practice into my routines - I am 60 and have noticed that my balance has deteriorated.
    The BEST help for balance I have found is Qi gong/Tai Chi.
  • Please use caution when closing your eyes. I have proprioception problems big-time, and this is very dangerous for me. My chiropractor and I finally figured out what the problem was, and I still do not know how to improve proprioception. I have zero body sense, and sometimes I wonder how I manage to get by. I apparently compensate somehow, but I urge caution -- stay close to something you can grab if you don't know for sure this is safe.
    Typo alert: I'm thinking the "6-Minute Hips, Glues & Thighs Workout" video mentioned in tip #2 actually involves glutes, rather than glues. :)
    Thank yu so much for the great tips and reminders!
    Oh just what I needed to see. I'm working on riding a bike outside and hopefully being able to inline skate someday, and these were some very great tips. A lot of it comes from balance and basically practicing and not giving up.
  • I recently have been using a slackline kit to develop my balance. It's not for everyone but I don't think there is anything out there that will challenge you and build overall body balance better than this unique fitness equipment.
  • Thanks for sharing

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