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Improve Your Balance in 3 Simple Steps

Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Core and Prevent Falls


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    You never know that things like balance are gone until they're gone. I've never been very coordinated but now I trip over my own two feet. I fell down 3 times last month. At my age that's a dangerous thing. I'm definitely going to try these strategies. Thanks for the timely information.
    Thank you...I have BPPV, Vertigo and this is really good for balance..I appreciate all your great information!
  • thanks for reminding me that I need to incorporate balance practice into my routines - I am 60 and have noticed that my balance has deteriorated.
    The BEST help for balance I have found is Qi gong/Tai Chi.
  • Please use caution when closing your eyes. I have proprioception problems big-time, and this is very dangerous for me. My chiropractor and I finally figured out what the problem was, and I still do not know how to improve proprioception. I have zero body sense, and sometimes I wonder how I manage to get by. I apparently compensate somehow, but I urge caution -- stay close to something you can grab if you don't know for sure this is safe.
    Typo alert: I'm thinking the "6-Minute Hips, Glues & Thighs Workout" video mentioned in tip #2 actually involves glutes, rather than glues. :)
    Thank yu so much for the great tips and reminders!
    Oh just what I needed to see. I'm working on riding a bike outside and hopefully being able to inline skate someday, and these were some very great tips. A lot of it comes from balance and basically practicing and not giving up.
  • I recently have been using a slackline kit to develop my balance. It's not for everyone but I don't think there is anything out there that will challenge you and build overall body balance better than this unique fitness equipment.
  • Thanks for sharing
  • Thank you. Losing over 100lbs, I struggled with regaining my balance in a thinner body. It has been a challenge. Additionally, as someone with clinical depression, balance is affected. Great ideas to help me continue to improve. Love the closing eyes exercise!
  • Thank you. Great info
  • I had to laugh at the tip to close your eyes! I am blind and my balance is an issue. I try to work on it, but some things just seem out of my training level! Sight is important to balance. But, it makes you realize how important sight is... I took so much for granted before losing my eyesight! Great tips if you can see!
  • Interesting ideas. I have back, hip, and knee problems, and keep a fairly wide stance much of the time to alleviate the pain. I would be terrified to try any exercise with my eyes closed. I have an extremely poor sense of my body and rarely take off my glasses... even in the shower (I keep the spray at shoulder height) and at the chiropractor's. I get extremely disoriented very quickly and go into panic mode. I have a heck of a time getting Xrays or MRIs... the techs usually take my glasses and tell me to follow them, which is silly, because I can't see them to follow them and I wobble and start to fall... so I ask that they take my glasses after I am on the table! After surgery once, the post-op nurses couldn't wake me, but the doc had my glasses in her pocket, and when she put my glasses on me, I popped up and awake. Even with my glasses on, from time to time I lose my body sense and repeatedly crash into a doorway... in the apartment where I have spent 18 years. The doorways never change, and I get frustrated with myself because I'd think I should KNOW to go through the doorway two inches to the left! I have nightlights in several rooms... crashed into my bedroom wall racing to the bathroom early one dark morning. I've broken my toes more times than I can count. So, sorry, but I won't be trying to exercise with my eyes closed! Better balance would be nice, but not with my high risk of injury.
  • Working with balance is HUGE for me. After surviving a severe brain insult some years ago, I've worked my way from relearning to walk (amongst many other things) to adding balance/core strengthening aspects into my workouts through the additions of bosu and physio balls, one-legged work, jumping rope blind folded, ... , and a 5x a week yoga practice. Balancing poses are challenging for me. I once dreaded them. Now I say, bring 'em on!

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