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Improve Your Balance in 3 Simple Steps

Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Core and Prevent Falls


  • thanks for reminding me that I need to incorporate balance practice into my routines - I am 60 and have noticed that my balance has deteriorated. - 6/14/2015 6:20:10 AM
  • The BEST help for balance I have found is Qi gong/Tai Chi. - 5/13/2015 7:36:39 AM
  • Please use caution when closing your eyes. I have proprioception problems big-time, and this is very dangerous for me. My chiropractor and I finally figured out what the problem was, and I still do not know how to improve proprioception. I have zero body sense, and sometimes I wonder how I manage to get by. I apparently compensate somehow, but I urge caution -- stay close to something you can grab if you don't know for sure this is safe. - 4/30/2015 5:58:34 PM
    Typo alert: I'm thinking the "6-Minute Hips, Glues & Thighs Workout" video mentioned in tip #2 actually involves glutes, rather than glues. :) - 10/17/2014 4:10:12 PM
    Thank yu so much for the great tips and reminders! - 7/17/2014 2:37:58 PM
    Oh just what I needed to see. I'm working on riding a bike outside and hopefully being able to inline skate someday, and these were some very great tips. A lot of it comes from balance and basically practicing and not giving up. - 4/12/2014 8:03:27 PM
  • I recently have been using a slackline kit to develop my balance. It's not for everyone but I don't think there is anything out there that will challenge you and build overall body balance better than this unique fitness equipment. - 3/13/2014 2:09:39 PM
  • Thanks for sharing - 11/15/2013 7:24:49 AM
  • Thank you. Losing over 100lbs, I struggled with regaining my balance in a thinner body. It has been a challenge. Additionally, as someone with clinical depression, balance is affected. Great ideas to help me continue to improve. Love the closing eyes exercise! - 11/9/2013 8:31:03 AM
  • Thank you. Great info - 8/7/2013 12:29:00 PM
  • I had to laugh at the tip to close your eyes! I am blind and my balance is an issue. I try to work on it, but some things just seem out of my training level! Sight is important to balance. But, it makes you realize how important sight is... I took so much for granted before losing my eyesight! Great tips if you can see! - 6/6/2013 6:34:04 PM
  • Interesting ideas. I have back, hip, and knee problems, and keep a fairly wide stance much of the time to alleviate the pain. I would be terrified to try any exercise with my eyes closed. I have an extremely poor sense of my body and rarely take off my glasses... even in the shower (I keep the spray at shoulder height) and at the chiropractor's. I get extremely disoriented very quickly and go into panic mode. I have a heck of a time getting Xrays or MRIs... the techs usually take my glasses and tell me to follow them, which is silly, because I can't see them to follow them and I wobble and start to fall... so I ask that they take my glasses after I am on the table! After surgery once, the post-op nurses couldn't wake me, but the doc had my glasses in her pocket, and when she put my glasses on me, I popped up and awake. Even with my glasses on, from time to time I lose my body sense and repeatedly crash into a doorway... in the apartment where I have spent 18 years. The doorways never change, and I get frustrated with myself because I'd think I should KNOW to go through the doorway two inches to the left! I have nightlights in several rooms... crashed into my bedroom wall racing to the bathroom early one dark morning. I've broken my toes more times than I can count. So, sorry, but I won't be trying to exercise with my eyes closed! Better balance would be nice, but not with my high risk of injury. - 4/3/2013 7:13:44 PM
  • Working with balance is HUGE for me. After surviving a severe brain insult some years ago, I've worked my way from relearning to walk (amongst many other things) to adding balance/core strengthening aspects into my workouts through the additions of bosu and physio balls, one-legged work, jumping rope blind folded, ... , and a 5x a week yoga practice. Balancing poses are challenging for me. I once dreaded them. Now I say, bring 'em on! - 4/3/2013 6:14:02 AM
    Very helpful article, thank you!
    - 1/19/2013 8:10:04 PM
  • I truly do think balance is a core problem for those of us 65 and older. I am heavy, diabetic, with a bad back, serious arthritis in both knees, and very sore feet with two nonmalignant tumors. Walking is painful and the mornings are really a struggle. I fell last year and broke my arm and my back, although they have healed nicely. I do stretching and focused breathing from a seated position because that is all I think I can safely do for now. As the weight comes down, I expect some pain issues to reduce and maybe by the end of 2013 I can safely do some standing exercises. Forward, slow and safe is my goal. - 1/15/2013 1:23:46 AM

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