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What You Forgot to Ask Your Personal Trainer

7 Questions to Find the Very Best Trainer for You


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  • Great suggestions, thanks for sharing.
  • Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. - Benjamin Franklin
    I belong to a local gym that has trainers for hire, just had the worst experience. I know he was trying to make a sale for services, but now I don't even want to go back. Literally told me that what I was doing was ineffective (that's why I wanted to see him), I would be dead in 5 years if I didn't adjust my finances to pay for his services. And unless my motivation was at a 10, there was no point in going to the gym. I was feeling pretty good, now feeling like a steaming pile.
  • Great suggestions!
  • Better to be thorough
  • Agree it's sound advice. I don't have a personal trainer and with my lifestyle, I won't have one. So I am learning continuously with written articles.
  • This advice is sound now as it was when the article was written.
  • Fit mind. Fit body. Fit soul.
  • A trainer, personal or otherwise, is alas not in my budget.

    However, my real personal trainer has 4 paws! :-)
  • I AM a Personal Trainer, and completely AGREE with this article!
    When I first meet with a potential new client, I first ask them about themselves, then I tell them about me, my personal struggle with weight, my training view, my certifications, and how long I've been training!
    I usually can tell, at the beginning, if we're a good fit! If not, I ask one of my co-workers/trainers, if they would speak with them!

    I train each of my clients based on their own fitness levels. I train a lot of overweight people. My theory is, which should be EVERY PT's thinking, is to start a client where they need to be! Meaning, you don't start an obese person out doing plyometrics, or running a mile! They need to be walking...or better yet, eliptical or stationary bike, and working on basic balance!

    I do NOT train my clients based on how I train! I have a Personal Trainer, that I pay, to get me, and keep me in tip top shape! He trains me in a Body Building format! Unless someone ASKS me to train this way, I do NOT take this route!

    Every trainer should be compassionate to your goals!
    Personally, I believe that the best trainers are the ones who have had weight issues! They (we) can relate to the struggles and obstacles of the journey!

    Ask questions! Don't be afraid to ask to speak with another trainer, BEFORE signing that contract!

    Most of all, communicate with your trainer, AND Be DEDICATED! We can only push you for an hour or two a week! YOU have to do the work OUTSIDE of the session, if you want to see results! Just hiring a trainer, will NOT make you fit and healthy!

    Have FUN and Best Wishes on your journey!
  • Me being me I know that if someone isn't beating me, I would never work out ... never. I know me and no amount of motivation will have me working out at home. In comes the personal trainer. Is it expensive, sure not OMG expensive but enough. I've been working out with PT for probably 3 years and, for me, it is worth it.

    I've had two PTs a man and a woman, both excellent. The guy worked me, built strength and stamina. The woman gave me a woman's body slim and lean - like a dancer. I had surgery this year and was working with the guy trainer at that time and had to stop while recouperating.

    Once I received the OK to start working out again, I thought did I want the male trainer or return to the woman? The woman won out because in my opinion a woman knows what parts of our body needs to be trained to achieve a woman's sleek body. I've been training with her again for 4 weeks and am so glad I chose her to retune my woman's body. There is a difference between a male and female trainer and how they approach working a woman's body. I'm sure many folks would disagree, but this is what I believe is best for me.

    Have I "broken up" with the male trainer ... not officially, but I cannot afford to have two PTs. It will be a difficult conversation because I consider him a friend and he gave me good strength and stamina with his workouts. Arghhh
  • I've actually compared finding a personal trainer to dating... sometimes you know right away that you don't "click;" sometimes it takes a couple months to realize things just aren't working... but then, you find that right one. I didn't go to a trainer for a long time because of some bad experiences, but after suffering some injuries thought a trainer would be the right way to go to make sure I didn't do anything that aggravated the injuries... I now have a great trainer and it has been one of the best investments in myself I have made.
    I've never had a personal trainer, either. I've never even had an impersonal trainer, but I slog along goal...
  • Great article but never had a trainer.

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