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Drop the Fatitude and Get a Winning Attitude!

Change Your Thoughts to Win the Weight-Loss Game


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  • This is so true. 'Attitude determines your altitude'.
  • thank you for the gentle kick in the butt. First time I have heard notion of quest for perfection and instant gratification linked to obesity.very interesting ideas.
  • Thanks so much for the article. It is a great article for someone like me who tend to lose hope quickly
  • CONKNEE0728
    Awesome article! Thanks
  • Great article Coach Dean...lots of great info and valuable nuggets!
    Again a GREAT article! You Rock!
  • even for us "seasoned" people who are just about there with our weight loss, it still helps to reinforce the rules.. thanks for keeping us in the know and for helping us spread the word!
  • Awesome article Coach Dean!! I always love reading your articles but this is an especially good one. I love the idea of the "fattitude"...maybe that's my problem! Thanks again!
  • Coach Dean, this article reinforces a lot of different things that I relay to some of my spark friends that are in search of motivation on any given day as I've lost 180 pounds and have deployed a lot of the strategies that you have spoken of in the article.

    So much more than losing weight, my main goal when I started my lifestyle change was to "Feel good again". Having that goal on the front burner of my brain helped to keep me disciplined and focused with a resolve that I was going to achieve "Feeling good again!"

    So much more than a body image change or wanting to look thinner...I just wanted to be able to walk from the parking lot to my job without breaking into a profuse sweat. I wanted to be able to stand the entire time I had to do dishes and not sit in a chair to do them. I wanted to also be able to walk around my kitchen and actually be able to physically prepare a meal. I wanted to not get short of breath tying my shoes. The list is a lot longer.

    So much more than a term...I suffered from "Fattitudes" I made excuses. I felt that others needed to adjust in order for me to lose weight and become healthy. Through all of my deepest depression when I was 380 pounds, the one resounding thing that hit me was that I was like I was because of my decisions I had made and what I had become was a cumulative result of those choices. It was when I came to that understanding that I put together a nutrition plan and an exercise plan and began to act on them.

    It's been October 2007 since I changed up my nutrition and December 2007 since I started my exercise regimen. It all started with relinquishing my "Fattitudes".

  • While the article is fantastic, I take issue with the word "fattitude" as it is being used here. This is seems to be a misappropriation of a word often used to denote acceptance and confidence in one's size regardless of not being a size 2. It also speaks to finding joy in what one's body can do, versus what one's body looks like.

    Of course a google search could've easily explained this better than I did.
  • thank you very much for these words of wisdom you have opened my eyes!
  • Thanks for this today - I needed it! You are dead on - we all have a choice. You made the journey crystal clear.
  • Thanks Coach. I think that this is one of your best articles.
    As a mom of small kids, I hear the frustration of some of the earlier commenters. The bottom line is--do the best that you can with the resources and opportunities you have. If it means five minutes of exercise, make it the best five minutes you possibly can. Nobody said that it was going to be easy.
  • Love your articles, Dean. This one is so right on....
    Doing these changes with love and affection for me- for my ups and downs, success and failure, paying attention to what works.
    S'all good.
  • I agree with KLS777. I have 6 small children, and a husband who is gone alot. I also work full time nights (12 hour shifts). By the time I get off work in the morning, sleep 5 or 6 hours, it is time to get up and cook dinner and leave for work. I find it very difficult to go to the bathroom by myself, let alone work out consistently for 30 minutes or more daily.

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