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New to Exercise? Things to Think About

Avoid Early Overkill


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  • Thanks for the reminder. I know most of this info and yet....jump right in and regret it later. GAH!
  • MSQC2U
    Thanks for this very useful information.
  • Thanks for the article. I had a question though. I am always reading that you must drink water during a workout but I always get what people call stitches when I drink water near to the start of a workout or during it. I often have to cut my workout short because it's s painful. Any comment or suggestion on that?
    Thank you! I am learning some thing new everyday.
  • Very useful information! Thank you.
  • NJ_HOU
    Great article especially the part about fatigue not energy happening. For a novice you could also point out strech out straps (aka advanced dog leash) are great to use to keep you from hurting yourself. Also a series of these simple streching exercises can take about 30 to 45 minutes and create your entire work out as a beginner. further, you hopefully won't have all the warm up streches / cool down streches as that is the exercise you are doing.
  • Great article - Thanks
    Take it easy at first, warm up, exercise, stretch, hysdrate.....
  • Thank you. I am 42 and have been 'interested' in working out since my late teens. I could never stick to anything though because I was always sooooooo tired.
    I am still at that level. I only have a couple hours of energy a day. Much of that is because of my low thyroid which makes me feel sluggish, and admittedly, much of it is my food choices. I appreciated this article. It gave me a lot of insight and will certainly help me in making my decisions. I'm gonna rewrite my goals so I can 'no-doubt-about-it' stick to them!
    I never heard that beginning an exercise program can lead to energy level problems. I get these (I call them "power failures"). Thank you for mentioning this. It will help me keep on track. It is both scary and frustrating to feel weak when one is trying to be stronger. Thank you very much, and please keep up the good work!
  • I was wondering what warmups involved seeing as the stretches came afterwards. Now I know it is gentle exercise prior to the main exercise.
  • Great article. Very helpful.
  • LEENIE1101
    This is great to know. I was tired when I first started and thought that getting up a half hour earlier was not going to work out.
    This article is supper' the writter is very knowlegeable and up to date. I enjoy a great article that make great sense in my daily exercise routine. Thank you
  • Joe shared some wonderful insight in this article. Keep up the great work!

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