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How to Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Important Reasons to Soak Up the Sunshine Vitamin


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  • I am planning my food intake so I get all my vitamins and minerals through food sources and not supplements.
  • I already take Vitamin D3 5,000Iu, once daily, for the past 2 years. It has really helped build up my vitamin D. I am, also in a wheel chair unable to get any lower body exercise.
  • I struggled with joint pain and inflammation for years. The ache and pains were just a part of my day. I just figured that it was early arthritis until my DR tested me and discovered that my Vitamin D was so low it failed to register on the test. Now I take supplements daily and the inflammation pain is almost entirely a thing of the past. I have become a big fan of "D"!!
  • Hello Everyone, I was diagnosed by my doctor as extremely low vitamin D. We determined it was causing a host of problems for me. Depression, bone pain, muscle weakness, loss of sleep, inability to focus, etc. I have now been taking 50,000 IBU pills once a week, and am in my 4th week. I have to tell you, the difference has been amazing. Not everything is solved, but I now have energy to work out, no bone pain, I have some muscle weakness but nothing like before. I am a happier person, I sleep better (not best, but improving), and I seem to have more focus at work. The factors working against me are that I have latino dark skin, in my early 40's, and work at a desk job inside all day. I am trying to get more sun naturally, and I feel different in the evenings when I am able to get about 30 minutes of full sun during the day. Please note, I am an extreme case - my vitamin D levels were checked by my doctor and came in at a 6. I am interested to see what they are at when I go back in for a re-check in a few weeks.
  • i cant hardly go out in the sun , i blister really bad and can get burnt just by being in the shade, some of the foods that have vit d are a surprise though
  • TROCKS89
    I also was told by my doctor that I had a low vitamin D level. I did some research and came across this article. I also found another article here:
    tion/5-signs-your-diet-lacks-vitamin-d/ I was really feeling down on myself and after I started taking daily vitamin D I can notice a difference.
  • My vitamin d was tested and was low. I am now taking a supplement, and hope that my level increases.
  • Sorry but its dead wrong to say that sunlight is a SOURCE of it .The UV rays stimulate its production in your body, The amount of sun one needs is also dependant on one's latitude.
    I really need to start taking more vitamins. I exercise and try to keep to a low calorie diet, but I make sure to get protein and nutrients that are essential to a healthy body. I'll have to keep an eye out for vitamin D next time I'm out.
  • I don't take a supplement, but I am going to start taking vitamins soon. I really don't think you should advise people to go out in the sun. A second cousin of mine died of skin cancer from sun exposure and so did my grandmother's best friend's husband. The cousin went really quick as far as I know, we heard she had it, and not long after, gone! And the man, he was sick for years, confined to his bed, with his skin falling off. That's pretty terrible! And not only, that, his wife had to stay home all the time caring for him. If you can take a supplement, you should. Being poor, though, is no excuse to be playing in the sun, because getting cancer can cost you a LOT of money, that you don't have! I can't even believe you would suggest it.
    I was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer and my doctor said my vitamin D level was low. I am taking a prescription strength Vitamin D tablet once a week! I haven't been on it long enough to see any difference. atc medical
  • The latest information today said that low vitamin is correlated with Alzheimer's. Enough for me to start taking it. (and I have an aversion to taking even an asprin..)
  • The question becomes: are eggs really good for the body?
  • Even though I eat many of the foods listed, take a multi vitamin and D3, 2000 iu, I was tested low in "D". My Droctor increased my "D" to 4000 iu's a day. I do have RA and stay out of sun, don't want skin cancer just to get vitamin D.
    I never take vitamins or supplements before checking with my Doctor.
    Sometimes ones body doesn't absorb certain minerals or vitamins as it should. And one doesn't want to have toxic levels by getting too much.
    As far as D2 or ,D3, the bodys preferred form of "D" is D3..
  • This article said " How to get your daily dose of vitamin D " No where not one place did I see a source for it?

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