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10 Tips to Keep from Overeating at a Party

Resist Temptation at Your Next Celebration


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Great advice Report
Good ideas. Thanks. Report
Grazing at get togethers is my biggest problem. I love all of the tasty finger foods available and always each more than I should. Good tips in this article to follow - thank you Report
Like DONN1ZYF, I don't much care for parties and rarely go. I guess I'm "lucky" in that the parties my husband drags me to (most frequently sports-TV viewing parties) tend to have food that I either CAN'T eat (any type of red meat) or dislike (baked beans, "white" foods like potato or macaroni salad.) So I'm not tempted. I'll usually sample fruit and veggies from the standard-issue grocery-deli platters, but these are pretty boring so it's hard to over-indulge. Report
Great advilce Report
I just don't go to the party. I don't like them anyway.
Good advice- eat before you go! My mother used to make me eat before I went out and it made me very angry. Now I understand her reasoning but can’t tell her. Forgive me, Mama. Report
Saved this to my favorites. Report
going to a baby shower this afternoon but a small group of friends are meeting for brunch before that; no snacking at the shower! Report
Great Article....................Thank You. Report
I almost always overeat at parties and these tips work when you use them......usually I don't and that's OK since I don't go to many parties ;) Report
Great tips. I will certainly keep in mind! Report
Good tips Report
Excellent article, thanks for the tips and party planning information! Report
I usually don't go unless it is family. Report

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