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5 Shortcuts to Sculpt Your Body Fast

Work Out Smarter, Not Harder!


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  • A few nuggets of inspiration. Every now and then it is important to mix it up while working out.

    An awful lot is 'promised' by the title...and I feel it was setting unrealistic expectations.
    There are no shortcuts...
  • Music is a great motivator for me. I downloaded alot of uptempo disco songs to my iPod and I know how long I've worked out by the order of the songs. It helps when doing cardio (which I find boring) and strength training. Of course, I don't blast the music. I listen at a volume that's loud enough for me to hear the music (and any extraneous street noise if I'm exercising outdoors). I just remember to use common sense and do what works for my body and fitness level.
  • Actually, most of this information is just as easily crossed over to any form of workout. Just because the examples are given based on someone with a gym membership / fitness center / home gym does not make them inapplicable to other scenarios.

    Those who do strength training at home with dumbbells, resistance bands, towels, or even with no weight at all can do well by slowing down the motions. Just a simple pushup or abdominal crunch, for example, can be done fast and jerky or slowed down. When we slow it down, we can FEEL the increased effort it takes to control the motion.

    Those who walk or jog or run outdoors can do intervals just as easily as those on gym cardio machines.

    Even supersets can apply just as well to doing strength training at home - by picking multiple exercises that work the same muscle group.
    Really people? "Turn up the music" is an expression.

    I don't think they want you to injure yourself by listening to your music crazy loud - they're just encouraging you to use music as a motivator.
  • The 2-4 count is why I quit doing this training class at the Y. Everything was done to loud music and way too fast. I felt like I was slinging the weights around more than carefully lifting them.
    at 71 i have worked out forever. i have done everything. none of it's easy. i work out 6 days a week. i stick to a program about 4 to 6 weeks before changing it. 3 days a week i ride the exercise cycle for 15 minutes, 1 minute as hard as i can go, 1 minute moderate speed. i then do 9 yoga stretching exercises. next is 20 minutes of interval training with db, kettlebells, and jakes tower. i do another 9 stretching/yoga exercises. the other 3 days i do the 15 minute ride and then 33 yoga/stretching exercises. i have been within 10 lbs of the same weight for 30 years, with 13% fat. no matter what anybody says, it's not easy and it gets harder every year.
  • SHIRLEY1103
    This article should have explained the concentric phase of muscle work is contraction or shortening of the muscle. Eccentric is elongating of the muscle. For example, when one does a bicep curl, you are contracting the bicep, but elongating the triceps muscle. To isolate & sculpt certain muscles you should be aware of contraction/concentric or elongating/eccentric movement and time them as such for a enhanced benefit.
  • I hate these types of articles that assume everyone can go to a gym. This type of advise helps only a small segment of society. The gym isn't the answer to America's obesity and inactivity epidemic.
    Turn up your tunes is contrary to the advice I received. The ear is a delicate organ. Be careful! I already have ringing in the ear. You really don't want it.
    When I use the elliptical at the gym, I always use a variable resistance program. It has 12 segments, so I set the timer to 24 minutes - each segment is 2 minutes. Then to add variety, I do 2 minutes forward, then the next 2 min segment is done moving my legs backwards. This not only ups the resistance, but it works different muscles. Going backwards on the elliptical is a lot harder, especially with the added resistance. When I finish the 24 minutes, I do 5 minutes of cooldown, then move over to the treadmill. Every other session, I add the weight machines.
  • I liked most of these suggestions and I always listen to music when I work out, but the advice to turn the music up may be motivating it will be harmful to your hearing. I actually set a maximum volume on my ipod with my computer in itunes so that I am not tempted to turn my ipod up too loud. Particularly with the in ear headphones that come with an ipod it is very easy to listen too loud and damage your hearing.
  • I have done some interval training at the club - and it really makes a difference. I cannot "run" on the treadmill like some of those younger gals, but I can definitely speed it up in intervals. Great article!!
    Thank you for this great article. After I read it, I went to the gym and tried interval training on the Elliptical Trainer. I warmed-up for 5-minutes, then I did 1 minute at a very fast pace, then did 3 minutes at a more casual pace. I did this for 25 minutes! It was great! I have been doing the Elliptical for a few months now and today was by fat the best workout I had on it!
  • Another one to save to my "Favorites." Thanks!
    Thanks for an interesting article, I will give the 2-4 count a try later today!

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