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The 10 Easiest Vegetables to Grow

Ease into the Garden with These Plants


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  • Watch out for the "critters", especially deer, that will munch your growing vegetation before it gets a chance to produce anything.
  • "Easy to grow" depends entirely on what zone you live in. Squash will not grow for me because we are too humid.
  • Today it is easier to garden with sales of potting soil. You can even grow right in the bags in a pinch. I love harvesting from our container & plot garden. In FL we grow something every month except July-aug.
  • The most important things for me to grow are peppers and tomatoes because store bought can't even come close to comparing. I also love growing our own pumpkins for Halloween.
  • I used to love gardening in Florida, grew several of the items listed but now I'm in Arizona, and we don't seam to have dirt-- just hard packed clay. You can't even get a shovel into it. I just tried a potted tomato plant and it did alright, but had to fight the birds as soon as the tomatoes got any color.
  • These are great suggestions, though the best things to grow are what you and your household like to eat. Please do not use harmful chemicals, and do start your own compost pile or worm bin to reduce solid waste while making your own plant food.
    My dad and grandfather are/were both great gardeners, but I seem to have inherited my mother's less-than-green thumb. I did get few lovely tomato plants to grow from seeds and harvested two - yes TWO! - cherry tomatoes before my dog decided he needed to re-cultivate the dirt for me. Maybe I'll try radishes or carrots. If I recall, those seemed to grow with little fuss....
    I used to grow carrots in my flower beds, they are beautiful and fern-like, sweet potato vine near my mail box, and pole beans in from of my living room window to shade the house. Easy to grow, good eating and blend beautifully into the landscaping.
    I plant a organic veggie garden every year in my yard . Its relaxing, exercise and learning canning is fun as well and healthy . I work at the Chicago Botanic Gardens in Hort - the Garden is my gym .
  • EWAGNEV493
    My mom used to plant all of these except the basil in her garden every year, so this brought back a comforting memory for me personally!
  • After many years of vegetable gardening I agree with most of the article. Personally though I have a very hard time with spinach in Maine It always bolts before I can harvest much or any. This year I started that in a container in a sun porch and was able to control the temperature better and managed to har vest a little
  • Also, tomatoes need more than just "a little bit of water." Trust me on this, especially if you live in the south. Those plants, in my experience, need more water than any plant I've ever grown.
  • Berries (which include peppers, according to biology) are easy to grow and very nutritious as well. I love growing jalapeƱos and cayenne (and the others as well, but those are the ones I get every year).
  • I want to add chives and mint to the list! Love them both!!

    There are also a whole lot of other plants that most people consider "weeds" that are not only edible, but delicious (dandelion & purslane).
  • Don't forget chard! Love it!

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