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Cardio Exercise Tips for Seniors

Defy Your Age with Exercise!


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  • Good info.. Thanx!
  • Hey Ethel - good to see someone left a comment on an old article before I did and on the same day. It's a good article and I would also like to see an update on our senior. This is one area where SP falls short.
    Good article! I'd like to see how the gal in the photo looks and feels now, since the article is at least 7 years old, would be interesting....
  • Wonderful article! Thank you!
  • CLAY10237
    There's something bizarre going on with this article. I clicked on "heart rate" on the first page and some very disturbing photos about Australian animals came up. It was very ICKY.
  • I'm 78 and my exercises of choice are water aerobics recumbent bike, and walking.
    Sometimes I think I should go to the gym, but I have access to these 3 exercises at home.
  • good reminder. Thanks.
    I can't tell you how timely this informative article was. I will turn 69 in a few days, am very fit, exercise 6 days a week, but have been feeling tired and achy. This makes me wonder if age is a factor, and whether I should just cut back a bit. Your article makes me realize that, although age is probably a factor, exercise continues to make you stronger and more flexible at any age. So, I'll just keep moving and lifting. Thank You.
    Cardio work out is valuable for health especially for reducing weight. Diving is one of them and my preferred as well. i really like to do it and also very pleasant in summer season months..

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    I'm on Day 6 and not-at-all energetic but while reading this article I just HAD to get up and walk an extra 600 steps around the house. If you only knew have lazy I am, you would be applauding like mad lol

    will be back time and again to read this article.
    It is very important to take good care of your health and keep yourselves fit especially when you have crossed the age of 50.
  • Thank you for this information. I hope you'll continue to give us "seniors" more great advice.
  • Great and encouraging article for SP seniors who hope to stay active well into our golden years! I especially appreciate the reminder that mixing low intensity and higher intensity in a single longer workout, can work to our advantage. I think that I do that naturally, now, when I can, but I wasn't thinking of it in those terms. This helps motivate me to stay with a workout longer!
    Lots of good detailed information - just what I was looking for.

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