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Are You Wearing the Right Sports Bra?

A Guide for Women of All Shapes and Sizes


  • You can find sports bras in your size AND compare for the best online price at
    If you go here:
    ds/ you can search by brand. I recommend Enell (Oprah's fave) and Freya. - 3/27/2009 5:07:35 PM
  • There is something missing from the measuring instructions. You should take measurments with your arms down at your sides. Thus, you should usually have someone else take them for you.

    Remember the support comes from the right BAND size. If your band is too big and you can reach behind you and pull it out 4 inches from your back, you are not going to get proper support. Thus - sagging. ugh.

    FREYA makes an ACTIVE bra line that comes in BIG BRA SIZES and their bras are encapsulation and dry fast. I run in them and LOVE them! - 3/26/2009 3:05:57 PM
  • NO way, with this way of measuring it says I'm a 38 B, but I'm a 38 DDD, measured by Lane Bryant and at Vic. Secrets. I'm def. not a B cup. - 3/23/2009 2:43:13 PM
  • SBATES63
    Thanks for the information. I didn't know there was more to wearing a proper sports bra than stopping the jiggling while walking and jogging. I went to my favourite store, and lo and behold, a very good line of sports bras was on 45% off! It feels great and fits properly. - 3/19/2009 10:48:23 AM
  • There's a sports bra fitness line I've come across that I really love and it will fit up to a DD size cup - Gracie's Gear. The website is and it's sold in most states at local run/walk stores. CHECK IT OUT and I think you'll love it.

    The main feature with this bra is a "power pouch" on the front to hold your IPOD, gels if you train for long distance events, cell phone, medicine...etc. The pocket is designed so it never NEVER bounces when I fill it with all my stuff. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! - 3/19/2009 5:48:58 AM
    I wear a 38H bra, where can I find a sports bra in my size? - 3/18/2009 10:02:14 PM
  • I have a hard-to-fit daughter. I'll definitely use this. Thanks! - 3/18/2009 8:15:02 PM
  • where do I find a "G" size? - 3/18/2009 11:43:50 AM
  • Great advice! Now, I only have to figure out how to get one of those sweat soaked things off without dislocating my shoulder!! I have nightmares of being trapped in it and having to call the fire department :) - 3/17/2009 10:05:24 PM
  • Great article. - 3/17/2009 1:10:48 PM
  • I really appreciate the suggestions on where to buy great sports bras for bigger chested woman. I have an extremely hard time finding QUALITY sports bras that provide excellent support in regualr stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and even Lane Bryant! I already bought one bra from Moving Comfort (I've tried on Enell before, they're INCREDIBLE, but way to expensive). I'll let you know what I think when I get it! I am so excited about getting a high quality, high impact bra for bigger busts! - 3/17/2009 12:01:25 PM
  • In my humble opinion, this article makes sports bras WAY too complicated. I have several sports bras I bought at Target 9-10 years ago & am still wearing--they show none of the "wearing out" signs listed, though after washing them I dry them in the dryer (low heat). The most expensive sports bras I ever bought are Champions, about $17 at Target; they are extremely comfortable & will also last a long time.

    Granted, I'm not a marathoner, but I do run & work up a good sweat. At least for those of us who are not big-busted, sports bras need not be a major investment.

    It would be a good idea to mention what kinds of sports "bras" are available for men. A surgeon I consulted with recently told me that men who run a lot are susceptible to "runner's nipple"--irritation of the nipple caused by T-shirt friction. I imagine garments have been designed to help guys prevent this--? - 3/17/2009 11:31:29 AM
    These measurement instructions are general and don't work for everyone. I've seen them a hundred times and they just don't work for me at all. If you have an odd chest-to-body-size ratio (larger or smaller than normal breasts for your size and shape), then trial and error may be your only hope.

    So don't just take the numbers for gospel, do try things on. I buy everything from Victoria's Secret... not because they're great (they're ok), but because at least their sizes are consistent across the board. Sports bras are especially hard if you have a smaller band size and a larger chest... the smaller size bras constrict the breasts TOO much, but the larger sizes aren't snug around the band and end up shifting :(. I can imagine someone with a larger band size and a smaller chest having the same issue. - 3/17/2009 11:21:33 AM
  • What a well put together article! I really need this and was pretty overwhelmed at the thought of even starting to look! Thanks SO much!!!! - 3/17/2009 11:09:49 AM
    Wacoal-America makes a great sport bra in which the size range is from a 34B to 40DDD. - 3/17/2009 9:53:26 AM

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