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Are You Wearing the Right Sports Bra?

A Guide for Women of All Shapes and Sizes


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  • The Enell bras were the only way I could exercise before I finally broke down and had a reduction 5 years ago. They are ugly and crazy expensive but worked. I couldn't jog or do anything high impact, but at least I could do low impact aerobics or spin classes (I was a 34H pre-surgery.) Now that I can buy normal bras again, Moving Comfort makes great ones. Still good for fuller figured.

    The crazy size charts never did me any good. I've never measured anywhwere close to what those charts say - they try to stick me in a A cup and I wear a D!
  • Hands down, the best sports bra I have ever worn is the Ta Ta Tamer at Lululemon. I know a lot of people are reluctant to spend the money - they are about $60 - but trust me they are worth it. I have a large chest, and whenever I was running or doing jumping jacks, I'd be holding my boobs haha. It would be embarassing to run or to do a high intensity aerobics class because of all the jiggle.

    BUT after getting the Ta Ta Tamer, there was NO jiggle. It feels like you don't even have boobs, that's how much they do not move. And because it has the two cups, instead of just compressing to your chest, you don't get that unattractive uni-boob. Seriously, try one, and consider investing. I promise you won't be disappointed.
  • Great article! Great tips from the comments, too. I'll plan on making an enell bra a reward for myself!
    I'm a 32 F, and finding a good sports bra is even more of a challenge than finding regular bras. Most sports bras don't fit me. Most bra makers don't make this size, or anything above a B cup for a 32 band.

    I can't recommend ENELL highly enough. Now that I have my Enell bra I can actually run, and there is no motion at all! It's like my breasts aren't even there. I haven't been able to really run since I was a kid, so finding this bra was really liberating for me.
  • This interesting article talks about what types of bras are best for which sizes, and basically states that there is no type for anyone above a DD.
    I am a 34F and am able to fit into an UnderArmour XL. It was the only one in town that would fit right. I was concerned at first, but now that I have worn it for awhile I LOVE it. The front zip is a great idea, it fits snug but not so much I feel like I can't breathe. My boobs aren't sitting up by my chin, but they aren't saggin' either. I liked it so much I bought a second. It was a bit pricey, but not more than I expect to pay for bras in my size (REALLY, can they not lower the prices of those cute 34F bras...ahem...Nordstrom).
    Hmm - the measurements seem to work fine for me! I didn't feel supported with my sports bra but after I took my measurements I found that I had gone down a cup size, to where I was for most of my life before I gained so much weight. Duh! I got the same model in the correct size and it feels great!
  • I just went through a bra fitting experience that tells me the following:
    Bra sizes are not consistent from brand to brand
    Bra sizes are not consistent from bra to bra within a brand
    Breasts are not easily measured to conform to a standard set of metrics for bra size

    Go to a good lingerie shop, and have a real fitting. Try on as many bras as it takes to find the right one. There ARE larger size sports bras out there, but you may have to hit a specialty store to find them. Finding out I'd been wearing the entirely wrong bra size for years, and finally getting one that truly fit was PRICELESS. Invest in yourself, and be sure to go try things on - measurements are just a start.
  • According to this article, I had a difference of ZERO between band and cup! Now, I know nursing my babies left me with smaller breasts, but I'm not THAT flat! I have found a few A cups that fit me well. After reading many of these comments, I'm actually feeling happier about my current breast size. It seems there are more problems for larger-breasted women. Also, I can buy a cheap sports bra and get all the support I need!
  • In addition to the measurement guide needing to be updated, the style of bra is called "racerback," not "razorback." Simple to remember if you have to, especially since runners (i.e. racers) tend to prefer racerback bras. A razorback? Yeah, that's a wild hog.

    If you google "razorback bra," it will automatically take you to "racerback bra," but isn't it better to be factually accurate?
  • bra size is also like every other clothing size, the more expensive the product line the smaller the size you will wear. I wear a 42 band in hanes, but a 38 at victorias secret, and sometimes I even change a cup size between the two depending on the style.
  • I think this article needs to be updated---a lot of people disagree with the way your measurements are found, and I tend to agree. (Just got two Moving Comfort bras online that fit like gloves, but wouldn't if I'd followed these instructions.)

    HULLO SP? Can you check the facts in this article? Otherwise it's no help.
  • I've had my bra size measured by the in-store "professionals" before. Never once have they put me in a bra that I didn't feel like mine weren't going to fall out the bottom. I ALWAYS have to go a band size smaller and try them on. I also have one side that is a cup size smaller than the other, which is another fun fitting problem. Right now, I'm wearing a 36D and could probably use a 36C in this style. When I bought it, the girl at the store said I was a 38C. The problem I have is that they typically measure with clothes on and to me that is absurd - the only way to get a true band measurement is with clothes off. On the other hand, getting the cup size only works if they're where they belong and at my age, that only happens in a bra.
    I thought I had a good sports bra (Glamorise) until I started running a lot and doing plyometrics. So I hit the internet looking at reviews, I found my new one from a company called ENELL ( It is wonderful! As a 36F it really holds me in while I do tuck jumps, jumping jacks, and long distance running.
  • I worked in a lingire store years ago, and I'm a certified bra fitting professional (seriously, I even received a golden bra pin to commemorate the achievement). We generally added 5 to the rib measurement to get the band size. For larger measurements, I think we added 3 instead. If you're an odd measurement, try on a size up and a size down; you shouldn't always go up. Also, sometimes the formula just doesn't work. If you get measured at a store and the measurement is completely crazy, the fitter can still help you figure out what size you should be wearing.

    One of these days I'll break down and buy some good sports bras, but they're so expensive! For now I just buy Hanes compression bras and wear 2 at a time.
  • Great article...finding a sports bra is hard when you are petite but full busted (34 DD)....I wear 2 when I run to keep the girls compressed and contained....will have to try one of the sports bras for larger bust sizes

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