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How to Buy the Best Yogurt

Navigate the Dairy Case with Confidence


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    I adore real yogurt, plain - not low fat or no-fat. I love the slight tartness of it, and the texture. It is just comfort food for me.
    Even one you make yourself tastes foul, simply because it's yogurt.....
    The best "fruit" yogurt is the one you make yourself!

    1 Cup plain Greek yogurt + 1 TBSP fruit preserves of your choice = 140 calories, NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and a lot less sugar.
  • There are 2 brands of yogurt I buy in Canada,one is endorsed by weight watchers,they come in the standard 4 oz. serving, that is in the stores here,not many companies here sell the 6 oz. serving size. They both cost around $6.00 for 16 1/2 cup servings and have some fruit,no fat,no sugar added,they are 35 calories each. I buy what I can afford and what is low calorie in most items,if I did not I would eat a lot more calories to get what my body needs and gain weight.
  • Love Vaskos yogurt but have never seen it on the list. We have it only at one store Ralphs (Kroger chain). Harder to come by it plain tho'
  • Siggi's has become my favorite yogurt, short ingredient list and low sugar content.
    I am horrified at how lousy yogurt tastes, the flavored kinds are not good, the kinds with Splenda can barely be tolerated if you happen to want to get some quick calcium, but yogurt just tastes lousy, another so called healthy food that tastes blah to many people. There are reasons why so many people don't like healthy foods, this is one of them.
  • I cannot believe an article recommending yogurts with artificial sweeteners like aspartame is being promoted by Spark People. I am, in fact, horrified.
  • I make my own greek yogurt as well. It's a very easy product that yields a tasty and healthy treat.
    I make my own whole milk yogurt and strain it to get Greek style consistency. Being of a frugal nature, I use the whey in a number of ways--is that a pun or just a homonym? It makes a great addition to homemade soups as part of the liquid component. (I think it adds a pleasant tang.) In the winter, I occasionally add some to my bath for moisturizing boost. I also use it as a conditioner after shampooing my hair. It contains trace minerals which are good for plants, so I use some in watering my garden. I put some on my dog's dry food as well.
  • If you follow these instructions for making yogurt you will be disappointed. The yogurt will come out grainy and not thick and creamy. The milk should be heated to 180 degrees so the protein lactoglobulin will denature, it is the most abundant protein in whey, denaturing it will allows proteins to bind to some of the other proteins in milk, called caseins. This will make a smooth thick yogurt instead of a grainy thin yogurt.
    If you are on regular meds, check to make sure you can have yogurt, because yogurt can render your meds as being useless! Yogurt companies never warn about this, yogurt is not a wonder food. Advertising, people, check out what you eat, organic makes no difference.
  • Some of these products listed are not yogurt or Greek yogurt. Real Greek yogurt has 2 ingredients, milk (fat or non, your choice) and cultures. From here you can add your own honey, or fresh fruit to create any flavor and sweetness you desire, the ideas for toppings are vast. Read those labels!
  • I've made my own yogurt from goat's milk, and it seems to end up tarter than any plain store-bought variety.
    For store-bought, a local organic dairy makes yogurt so I go with that. It's a bit higher than the guidelines calorie wise, but well within them sugar and fat wise. Since I usually only buy it when the goat's aren't milking, it works.

    For the record, I tried a soy yogurt once... and it was not pleasant. Though that was five years ago, so they've probably improved.
  • I disagree that lowfat yogurt is a better choice, at least from a gut healing aspect. Recent studies have shown that full fat yogurt has better healing qualities and benefits. Aside from that the lowfat versions have more sugars and fillers. To each their own though! Just eat that yogurt, no matter the fat content, for good gut health, which is the key to health in the body!

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