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The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Boost Your Health and Your Bottom Line


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  • My husband and I have been gardening for a long time. Last year I canned over 400 jars of vegetables and we have a small garden plot. That did not count what we froze. We make our own compost and do not use chemicals. We also raise pigs naturally, on the dirt and the meat is out of this world. It is so much different from what you get in the store. I sold quite a bit from what I canned and people are already asking what I am going to be canning this year. This year i am going to experiment with using something besides sugar. So much of the pickles and chow-chow require sugar and i mean a lot, so I am going to try to work on cutting down on sugar and replacing it with something else. Anybody got any ideas????
  • I grew up on a farm and have gardened for most of my 43 years...I had my own small plot when I was a little girl and my husband and I now have a big garden, along with fruit trees, raspberries, asparagus, strawberries and grapes. We love it and have had our kids help too all their lives. We can, pickle, freeze and give away the excess. I can't say enough about how rewarding gardening is for us!

    For those of you with questions, I highly recommend going to your local library and checking out a basic vegetable gardening book. Go to your local Extension office and they will give wonderful publications and information. Check out the Dave's Garden web site. Gardening is like any other skill; it has to be learned. If you didn't learn it as a child, you need a little help to get started. Contact me if you like; I LOVE to talk gardening!
  • Our fabulous veggies have taken over the front lawn, providing for our little family, our neighbours AND our extended family ( we are gifted their produce also). As they grow, so too the roots in our familes & communities.
  • I have never gardened before because as a kid I HATED to pull weeds and my mom would make us go out and do it. And I rarely ate any of it anyway because at that time I also HATED veggies! lol BUT since I have started with SP two years ago I have wanted to garden and last year we tried peppers, but I didn't know what I was doing so I didn't thin them and ended up with only about 1 1/2 inch size peppers! ROFL My MIL told me I could make appetizer stuffed peppers! hehehehe

    Anyway, even though I didn't do it right last year I decided to give it a go again this year. My SP friend told me about Square Foot Gardening and I decided to try it out. So right now we have 3 pepper plants going (one in their individual square! lol) and one has already gotten one flower on it, we are excited to see the size of the peppers this year. Also we have radishes which just sprouted last night, my DS was soooooo excited! We also have onions and lettuce. We are excited to see what happens with it!
  • I let my kids pick the veggies we grow, then they are willing to try anything new! This year we are growing corn, carrots, pumpkins, sunflowers, and tomatoes. We are also starting blackberry plants, and already grow fresh herbs and strawberries. My kids love to go out every single day and check on their "baby plants" :-)
    We don't have a huge gardening space, but with carefull planning, we just work them in around the flowers!
  • I learned how to grow a vegetable garden back when we first bought our home in 1997. I was always calling my father-in law for advice since my husband said they always had a garden growing up. It takes a great deal of work getting the plot ready each spring and retilling it in the fall once the hard frost hits, but we thoroughly ENJOY all the wonderful vegetables we grow that season. I am constantly trying to get my son into helping, to teach him some valuable lessons while growing up so possibly in a subliminal way those habits will continue on as he becomes an adult.
    My plans for today, are to go get my starter plants from a trusted Garden Center and have this season's garden in the ground to care and nuture. The benefits are amazing, and I fully recommend doing it, even if you only have a window sill. When we rented I went and bought those big buckets and grew tomatoes, peppers, and even cucumbers that way since the freshness is unbelievably TASTY.
    Get out and enjoy the great outdoors!
  • It is too bad there aren't more of these community gardens. The nearest one and only one in FL is in Gainsville. I do grow all my own veggies, in fact I put in extra this year to share with my neighbors too. Of course my girls come over and get fresh veggies for thier tables. My grandchildren help out in the garden whenever they come over, they have lots of fun while learning.
  • Oh Yes...gardening is sooo much fun! My son, which is soon to be 12, wanted us to do a garden since he was 8. He helps out so much and has even traded vegetables with some neigbors...We are in Detroit, and we have grown greens, tomatoes, all peppers, broccoli, cucumber onions carrots and even corn!!!
  • We have always tried this, but this was our first big success year!! Homegrown tomatoes and snap beans!! Yummy and so economical!
  • I read this article & it all sounds good & dandy, but I tried a rather medium sized garden this past spring & lets just say the savings wasn't there. My water bill went up $50 a mth, I spent $30 on seeds & $30 on manure etc. I planted tomatoes(they never produced), lettuce(it felt fuzzy & got eaten up by bugs), collards(they only got as big as my hand & then they got eaten up too!), corn(it grew nice & tall & had lots of cobs, but they never grew bigger than 1 1/2 inches long), green peppers(plants didn't grow big, no peppers), pumpkins(vines grew then died), peas(started to grow but died), string beans ~ grew but only got about a handful of beans, yellow squash & zuchini(both plants grew & flowered & then died), & okra **grew & produced** I watered every night, I weeded till my back & knees couldn't take it any more, I was sunburnt, I got blisters, I put alot of time & energy in & got precious little out. From now on I'm going to the farmers market & spending my time & money on better things.
  • 1960ANN
    this is my first year growing a vegetable garden, and I tried a lot of different types of food to see what would grow in my area. The rewards are incredible, when you can grow you own red and yellow peppers from seed instead of paying 2.99 for each one. I have cucumber, green beans, black eye peas and big boy tomatoes. Come winter (at least what we call winter in Central Florida) I can't wait to see what I can grow then. It's rewarding and relaxing and I wonder why I didn't start one sooner!.
  • NEWME116
    We grow a small garden each year and enjoy the taste of fresh grown produce. Another fun part of it is sharing it with friends, family and neighbors. Its so fun to see them get excited about fresh grown veggies and fruit! When we get an over abundance of items (zucchini for instance) we take them to our local food bank. It is a bit of work, weeding, watering, etc, but also provides great rewards.
  • This is an awesome article! i've always loved gardening every since we had a huge backyard garden when I was a kid. I've always kept flowers even at the little apartments I've had over the years, and my husband & I grew some herbs last year. Hopefully we'll be moving on to a big veggie garden when we get our new house this year! Gardening can be so much fun, and the product is yummy & definitely something to be proud of!
    This is GREAT! I grew my own garden from seeds last year must have gotten 50 lbs of tomatoes. I had the best tasting strawberries I had ever tasted. I would like then to do an article on raising chickens! I don't live in the country but I still have chickens. We raise them for eggs. It's simple to raise chickens.......don't know why more people don't.
    This is GREAT! I grew my own garden from seeds last year must have gotten 50 lbs of tomatoes. I had the best tasting strawberries I had ever tasted. I would like then to do an article on raising chickens! I don't live in the country but I still have chickens. We raise them for eggs. It's simple to raise chickens.......don't know why more people don't.

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