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Chips and Dips Get a Healthy Makeover

Skip Chips and Slim Down Dips for Healthier Party Fare


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Better than all of these at least half the game from your treadmill or exercise bike, then indulge a little!!! Report
A great low fat onion dip.. Low fat cream cheese, 1/4 cup finely chopped onion.. warm cream cheese to room temperature add onion, slowly add warm water and mix, add warm water till you get it the thickness you desire, Our family uses it with veggies, pretzels, baked chips, flatbread crackers.. Report
I'll have to try to find some whole wheat pretzels some time.

Check out my recent blog post for some healthy recipes for Super Bowl Sunday!
1/super-bowl-party-snack-ideas.html Report
when i make dip i use fat free plain yogurt and soup mix and i dip baby carrots and celery sticks i also like to use hummus for dipping i like it with chicken and pita bread Report
Yes, I think it's supposed to say "boost fiber." Report
"Boost" nutrition is what I have to think was the intended idea. It obviously cuts fat and calories :) I puree garbanzos (inspired by hummus) and put that in dips in place of half the creamy or fatty ingredients and it's wonderful.
"Swap puréed white beans for half the mayo in creamy dips to boost calories and cut fat."

Is this supposed to say "boost?" Mayo usually seems to have more than enough calories. Am guessing it should be "cut" instead... Report
I recently discovered greek yogurt as a substitute in dips. I find it is a yummy replacement for sour cream with the same tang but less fat. Report
Awesome dip.. low on calories. easy to make..
16 oz package low fat cream cheese 1/2 small onion diced very fine.. water
bring cream cheese to room temperature.. add onion.. mix well.. add warm water till it gets to the dip consistency you like.. Report
Fat free, low fat or regular GREEK YOGURT is a great addition to dips to replace mayo or sour cream!! Report
Im going to make the roasted red pepper and yogurt dip right now! Report
Thank you BECKYANDIE for the canned cannellini bean base for dips idea. I plan to try it soon. thanks again. =) Report
I found that canned cannellini beans beans make a great creamy dip base when you drain and then grind them up with other fresh ingredients in the food processor. Adding a little reduced-fat feta cheese gives just that little extra zing, especially with a little oregano, S&P. Lemon juice, parsley, garlic is a good combo... Roasted red pepper, garlic, cilantro is a good combo... The possibilities are endless. Report
Great article, but you missed a PERFECT chip substitute!! I often eat some salsa with CELERY STICKS instead of chips. Still has lots of crunch power, and I still get to eat salsa! HEhee.

Jocelyn Report
Great article, I will try these watching the ball game. Report

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