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Basic Stretching Routine

7 Stretches for a Full-Body Flexibility Workout


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  • This stretching article is great. No I know the right way to do it, and it doesn't hurt. It feels good!
  • Oh thank you so much. The stretching felt great, I even threw in a few extra. I had forgotten how important it was - definitely needed the reminder!
  • I have to agree. Stretching before, during, or after exercising does give me more flexibility. These examples will assure I am doing them correctly so as not to cause injury to myself.
    Stretching is awsome-plain and simple. I used to be involved in martial arts, and even being a guy of my size was able to move in ways that most people couldn't. Now after nearly 15 years out of practice, I can barely touch my toes! lol. I'm planning to start tomorrow at stretching again though. In addition to safety issues, stretching five you an overall healthy feeling much in the same way exercise does if you do it properly and consistently. Visit my sparkpage! I'm always open to other ideas and more friends!
  • Really not sure should I do after exercise...before or does it matter?? Some of them would love to have a demo video with them...thanks
    I would love to track my flexibility too.
  • I walk on treadmilll for 5 minutes to warm up leg and arm muscles before doing a few stretches on the main muscles that i am going to work and then after my workout strech all over body muscles. Keep movin'
  • Hey Nicole,
    I would like to see Stretches Demos in myFitness program , instead of just looking at info, so you don't forget to do the right stretching.

  • I, too, would like to see flexibility exercises tracked more thoroughly under myFitness. I wonder how/to whom to suggest this ... hmm.
  • I usually ride a stationary cycle for 4-5 minutes.
  • How do you warm up?
  • I've done stretches before includng some of these. I like the way it covers the whole body after a workout

    I too appreciated the comment on quad stretches using the opposite hand. It feels a lot better.
  • WSCYankee's that was great advise. Especially if you have really tight quad's or are unable to reach back with the same arm and leg. One more tip I learned. before I was able to use opposite arm and leg stretch was to kneel on my knees and lean back. With each stretch you will become more flexible and better able to balance.
  • Wow! That was a good comment about HOW TO do the quad stretch, I have being suffering since '07 with my lower back, ever since I fell off a ladder. Thank-you WSCYANKEES26
  • On the quad stretch, I was taught by physical therapists and trainers that you should grab the right foot with the left hand and the left foot with the right hand, because it's easier on the knee, a more natural bend.

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