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Basic Stretching Routine

7 Stretches for a Full-Body Flexibility Workout


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  • My body absolutely loves me when I do these stretches. Especially the back stretch and the hip & gluteal. I found too, that by having a regular, daily stretching routine my performance in cardio activities improves and is therfore more enjoyable.
    Great before and after stretching. Have added this to my favs.
    Love the order of these stretches. They are easy to remember and finish with my all-time favorite.
    I loved the stretching after the Cardio workout. It limbered up every part of my body
  • JILL055
    Very useful, thanks. I've been doing some of these exercises instinctively, but it's good to have a logical order to them and find some new ones.
  • This is a great way to stretch worked hard muscles. I like the order in which the stretches are performed. Now I have a routine to stretch before and after.
  • I like to stretch, but was unaware that I should stretch *after* a workout. The advice here makes sense. We'll see if it helps me to feel less sore the day after a workout.
  • I recently spent time with a personal trainer at my gym and couldn't walk without pain for 3 days afterward. Stairs were impossible. I wish he would have shared this type of info also. Thanks! I'll keep stretching and hope this never happens again!
  • I really needed this article as I was unsure how to proper stretch. thanks
  • Great article, lots of insight and I feel ready to strech the right way!
  • This was a very helpful article! Stretching is one of my favorites parts of exercise, and it's something I do even on resting days.
  • First day of strength training exercise and the stretching was my favorite part. I feel good.
  • This stretching article is great. No I know the right way to do it, and it doesn't hurt. It feels good!
  • Oh thank you so much. The stretching felt great, I even threw in a few extra. I had forgotten how important it was - definitely needed the reminder!
  • I have to agree. Stretching before, during, or after exercising does give me more flexibility. These examples will assure I am doing them correctly so as not to cause injury to myself.

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