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Basic Stretching Routine

7 Stretches for a Full-Body Flexibility Workout


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  • I love to stretch! I include many of these each time I stretch. Thanks!
  • Wonderful stretches!
    Great stretches! Thank you!
    These are great. Thanks for sharing.
  • TY !! Really like them. WISH I could add them to the Spark "TV"
  • I like the yoga inspired stretches they are so good for me & you too.
  • How do we track these stretches?? I love these and have started doing them every day!
  • I am suggesting a couple of mods: I'm too large to do the last exercise as noted, so my mod is to lay on the floor in my office and prop my foot against my desk (instead of grasping behind the knee). I get the same stretch but don't struggle into position.
    I also modded the quad stretch because I get excruciating "charlie horse" cramps in my hamstrings when I do it correctly. Instead I hook my ankle over the arm of my desk chair and lean back into the stretch.
    This is just what I was looking for, a basic all-over stretching routine that doesn't require me to be a yogi or dislocate a joint to get into position. So glad I found it!
  • Love these stretches. Only one the one putting your hand behind your back or should I say tou hing your elbow with the other hand don't work for me. Shoulder problem.
    Thank you for putting this here I was worried about if I'd find a good basic stretching routine for my workouts. I think it'd be nice to have a warm up routine also added for us to choose from for the basic workouts you provide or even just for sections as I like to work out chest and arms one day, then legs the next, then core another day.
    You can print each stretch individually by clicking its link.
    I would like to print the stretch page of instructions, but can't find a "print" button anywhere on the page.
  • These streaching exercises are all on the floor. I cannot do much of anything on the floor because of my artificial hips. Any other suggestions?
    I feel so energized doing these stretches. So glad this guide is on here.

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