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What Does 300 Calories Really Look Like?

See Pictures of 300, 350, and 400-Calorie Meals


  • Putting these portions side by side are eye opening to say the least. You should show more comparatives like these. Thank you. - 9/15/2015 1:47:28 PM
  • WOW!!! The comparison charts are very helpful and really should be thought about by making a daily menu so you can be reminded what a healthy choice looks like and make
    better choices in planning our meals. - 9/14/2015 9:33:28 AM
  • Makes one conscious of portion control. - 9/6/2015 9:02:33 AM
  • Interesting - 9/2/2015 1:40:15 PM
  • Wow, what a wake up call when you see the comparisons side by side. This is a very helpful article. Thanks. - 6/27/2015 3:55:00 PM
  • What a wake up call! - 5/19/2015 1:04:06 AM
  • I love these kinds of articles that have the visuals of what calories truly are in our foods. It would be fun to make a "photo album" of them to teach others who just don't know or understand that not all calories are the same! Or just to refer to them myself as a reminder! - 2/8/2015 10:47:27 AM
  • I really enjoyed this article, it really puts portions and eating healthier into perspective. I definitely pined this article to refer back to. Thank you - 1/12/2015 6:36:59 PM
    Another thing to remember at restaurants is that just because they have pictures of things together as a meal doesn't mean you have to eat them that way. Instead of a burger, fries, and a milkshake (which would cover my calorie needs for the day...)- pick one and enjoy it. You don't have to balance every meal, your body is smart enough to hang on to the digested bits to use days later. You can eat other stuff at other meals. At home (or out, if prepared), you can either make half sandwiches or make full ones but then wrap up half for later or the next day. Anyway, chain restaurants today generally have nutritional in on websites or in brochures, so you don't have to guess. - 11/23/2014 6:13:40 PM
    Well, 1/8 of a large Domino's cheese pizza, hand-tossed crust, toppings green and black olives, onions, and mushrooms is 280 calories, 10 g protein, 34 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 3g sugars, 11 g fat. Those are reasonable figures for me as a small meal (and you don't have to eat the whole pie at once if the only human in the house, takeout pizza slices freeze very nicely, I warm them up in foil on a small pizza stone in a little convection oven). I imagine other places have equally reasonable slices of pizza available. You don't have to order meat pizza stuffed with more meat and extra extra cheese with practically your whole day's calorie needs... - 11/23/2014 5:47:45 PM
  • Awesome article! It really helps to put things into perspective and was a real eye opener for me! YIKES! - 10/18/2014 11:02:02 PM
  • I love this type of information. It puts eating in perspective. When we try to eat on our own without this information, it's so easy to make all the wrong choices.
    - 10/5/2014 8:18:54 PM
    I will be using a lot of the suggestion especially the waffle one and i will be adding the other items for the lunch - 10/4/2014 9:27:28 AM
    A comparison of items that are available on the menus that a dieter might choose would be helpful, we try to choose restaurants with healthy choices, Panera, Noodles, Wendys, Subway, Chipotle and the such suggested lower calorie meal options at restaurants that have a healthier menu would be helpful. - 9/25/2014 1:49:11 PM
  • of course, the comparisons are fair. that's the point. bake apples instead of buying apple pie. - 9/15/2014 8:22:00 PM

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