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10 Ways to Save Money at the Gym

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  • I did not see the one I am using.....When I went to my gym that had a Senior Sneakers program, I was able to sign up, and DUMP my fees all together. I love that I can still "afford" my membership though retired! - 1/6/2016 3:13:06 PM
  • For senior citizens-- check out the "Silver Sneakers" program benefit. We were eligible and did NOT know it until I learned of this through a SPARK member. You can ask about this through your insurance, or ask about the program at your convenient gym or fitness office. This is a huge savings for those who qualify--- ASK about this deal!
    How I wish that I had discovered this wonderful opportunity of Silver Sneakers --sooner! - 1/6/2016 2:41:46 PM
  • CLAY10237
    Absolutely check with your employer health insurance plan first. Many employers are looking to improver their employees' health to reduce insurance premiums.
    Also the Medicare Advantage plans are a tremendous resource for us cash-strapped seniors. They may pay part or all of your Silver Sneakers membership which, in turn, may cover a local fitness center membership. Yes, you need to be age eligible for Medicare and, yes, there may be only one fitness center in your area working with Silver Sneakers. But what a cost saver! - 5/19/2015 12:47:47 AM
  • HILLSLUG98239
    My club is a little pricey, and it may even be the most expensive in town. But for me, it's completely worth it.

    First, the club is across from the court I appear in every Thursday morning and any time I'm required to be in court in the afternoon. I'm working on my swim for triathlon, so having the chance to get in a few long workouts a week and short ones any time I have to go the court has really helped me improve my swim.

    Second, the club is eight miles from my work and eight miles from my house. I commute by bike a few times a week, and the club's location allows me to ride to the club after work, work out, then ride home.

    Third, there's no gimmicks in the club's pricing. I pay one fee that permits me to use everything but the racquet sports courts and the fancy locker room with rented lockers. (The folks in this locker room have assigned lockers, and the locker room is nicer than the general one.) No towel fee, no class fee (with rare exceptions, like Pilates and sessions with the personal trainers), no pool fee (and this club has two pools), no fee to use the water park.

    My club requires a person signing up commit to a year; after that, the contract can be cancelled with written notice. I understand their logic: if you're committing to a healthy lifestyle change, it is a long-term commitment. I wasn't crazy about signing up for a year, but It turned out to not really matter. I'm well past my first twelve months, and I have no intention of quitting.

    This club is independent and locally-owned. They appear to treat their employees well, and it shows. Everyone I encounter - the life guards, the folks "patrolling" the weight rooms, the trainers, the women making their rounds and mopping the locker room after every pool-based class and the swim lessons, the people at the front counter - is polite, courteous, encouraging, and professional. One of life guards gave me some excellent tips to assist me with swimming - she helped improve my swim form almost as much as the swim coach with whom I took a private lesson. The club is closed on major holidays and it closes early the day before those holidays. I'd love to be able to get in an extra workout, but I also love that my club treats its employees that well!

    I've never seen a piece of fitness equipment out of service for more that a day. The carpets may be a little weary, but this club's equipment is well-maintained.
    Price isn't everything. Contracts shouldn't be a deal-breaker. Convenience - hours and location - and service are far more important. - 3/18/2015 7:10:56 PM
  • I've been a member at my local YMCA since I moved to my little city. I've spoken with trainers at other gyms and for what I pay monthly I get a serious amount of services so I've been more than happy here. Add to that ours is a full service YMCA that I'm happy to support in the first place. It's so cute seeing the wee ones picked up from late day care when I'm headed in for my workout. The trainers and instructors are top notch and highly qualified and the facilities are excellently maintained. I love this place. - 3/18/2015 6:06:54 AM
  • Yes even with a doctor's and a lawyers note my son Erik's gym continued to debit is account once a month. We had even taken in pictures that showed Erik was in serious condition, doctors note stated he had a Traumatic Brain Injury. and LA Fitness continued till I closed the account. So beware and aware when you try to cancel.
    - 10/18/2014 10:13:47 AM
    10 ways to save money on gym are simply significant and compelling. People are going to save money along with getting fit.
    - 1/9/2014 7:33:26 AM
    One of the finest and favorable ways you have discussed to save money at the gym. Surely with the help of this one can save money and get the desired fitness as well.

    fitness gym singapore
    - 11/18/2013 11:52:15 PM
    Good article! Thank you so much for sharing this post. Your views truly open my mind. I will share it with other people.
    - 11/12/2013 6:05:32 AM
    I joined a gym when I was around 45 at $50 per month for my wife and myself. Their policy is to never increase your rate so at 68 I am still paying $50 per month for my luxurious gym. - 9/12/2013 11:07:14 AM
  • Don't you have to be a certain age for Silver Sneaker for the insurance to pay for it. - 9/9/2013 2:52:27 PM
    I'm fortunate enough to have medical insurance through Blue Cross (I am self-employed & think we should have a single payer system, but - I'll spare you the rant! :D). In our area, we're eligible to join Healthways Fitness Your Way which is network of 8,000 fitness centers that I was able to join for $25 registration fee & then dues of $25 a month, which is significantly lower than my YMCA membership.
    or search Healthways or Fitness Your Way -

    Not all fitness places participate or know about it, but you can nominate one although it is their choice of whether or not to join & there is probably other complicated requirements (I nominated mine). It's like a Silver Sneakers network & I really, really hope it spreads everywhere & that many more people can take advantage of it.

    Using this now I can hit the gym when I travel, whether it is the next town or a state away. I started at Curves last week, now I'm going to add cardio at a different place with equipment & tomorrow I may do a yoga class in the neighboring town. Classes may be extra but they would be discounted. I think it's genius & I am happy to see these health insurance premiums partially defray the costs when you are trying to add healthy routines to your life, they should all do it.

    Good luck!
    - 2/12/2013 12:17:40 AM
  • 45632B
    Enjoyed this article and advice as well as reading comments from the experience of others, it will help with my decision in choosing a fitness group. - 10/28/2012 1:37:55 PM
    There are some Medicare Advantage Plans that pay for gym memberships. SilverSneakers Classes are worth checking out. - 10/17/2012 12:48:59 PM
    This is great advice, but from my own experience, I would encourage anyone not to rule out group classes until they have tried them. You may know for a fact that group classes aren’t your thing, but if you haven’t tried them, I can tell you that they may not feel the same way as they look.

    You can’t judge accurately whether you will like it or not from only “seeing” without “doing.” It’s completely different being in a class doing the movements than it is to be outside the class watching other people do it. - 10/17/2012 12:09:21 PM

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