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The Importance of Training the Shoulder

Give this Crucial Joint a Boost


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  • I had have a pain on my right shoulder for a few days. I think that is due to my large breast and the bras. I love to do wall push-ups and exercises similar to the ones mentioned in the article. They help ease the pain.
  • KAT7777
    Thanks! I hope these will help. I will try.
  • with my problems with my sholder i think they can help me regain some of my motion in my shoulder . it was fulled with information . thank you very much .
  • Thanks for sharing
  • I would love to work my shoulders more, I know we do some of these things in the group fitness class that I go to, but I am not sure whether or not we are covering all bases.
  • when i froze my left shoulder then 2 yrs later had to have shoulder surgerty on right shoulder in theropy they would have my upper chert with my chin resting on a swiss ball then with dumbells doing flying L's just be carefull not to go to high or use too heavey of a dumbell.
  • Having had a frozen shoulder, I can praise these exercises - but, please check with your doctor if you are having any pain because doing these wrong can really do some damage.
  • I would love to try this but they say I need my right shoulder replace and I also have pain in my left one too. So is this good for me.
  • This corroborates what my OT friend has been saying all along. I used to swim a couple hours a week and I began to have some mild shoulder pain, and when I started to mix it up with some kickboxing, the pain went away. Whatever I was doing with the KB, it was supporting my RTs enough.
  • I have been struggling with left shoulder pain for almost 2 years now - I found the explanation to excersice above very tough to visualize and would sincerely appreciate a video demonstration. thanks so much
  • What if your shoulder hurts? Can you still do exercise? My left one is hurting and I'm afraid it might get worse.
  • This is a start. What I really need is something like a "Couch to 5k" program for my shoulders.
  • Good information. I've had trouble with shoulders and neck for the last few years. As I've gotten back into strength training, I've tried to focus on safely building those areas to avoid future problems. I've saved this article and would also like to see demonstrations of these exercises.

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