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Beat the Recession Blues with SparkPeople!

New SparkTeams Help Shake the Economic Slump


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  • There's also a Dave Ramsey spark team that covers the principles Dave teaches. It's truly wonderful what can happen to your life outlook when your finances are really in order. Note I said in order not debt-free, which I'm sure is even MORE wonderful. But just having a handle, knowing where things are going and how you're paying off bills. It really does give you financial peace. I highly recommend Dave and if anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
  • I grew up with a single mother of 6 kids. We always "just made it" with food and bills. I being the baby saw the pains and suffering and made a promise to myself that I would learn to be better than my mother in the survival game. Well, I kept that promise...I learned many tools and resources that helped me and my husband stay together (teamwork as a couple instead of against), shopped where there were sales, took advantage of layaways when needed, etc. We did really well and now all but one child is still at home (3 children). They never did without, and we always had a little extra. That has paid off with the economy like it is...I have put those resources back to work with our budget and we are blessed to be not struggling. I pray for those who are and wish them a better future soon.
  • I am a grad student and I just started doing my internship which cut down on my working hours..I have to admit I was sad at first but it hasn't been as bad..I am watching what I am spending and eating the soup that I couldn't make myself eat before!!!
  • I have been blessed in these difficult times to recently be hired at a great company with great pay and benefits, but my husbands work has been very slow. This is a great article; especially with the financial links I wasn't aware of!! Thanks again, SP!
  • I've always been frugal. It is how I've afforded five children. I can't count the number of times I had other women say to me "Well, we just couldn't afford for me not to work full time, or have more than two children, so I don't know how you do it."
  • Our family is trying to curb spendaholic ways by using the phrase "Frivolous Spending" to determine what we're going to buy. My husband's job is always precarious and we are keeping a tighter control on what we spend. Ask if what you're buying is 'frivolous' or unnecessary sure does stop a person in their tracks.

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