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Motivation Calendars from the SparkPeople Store

Reach Your Goals with SparkPeople's 2012 Calendars


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Personally love the SP apparel and these calendars, however, the shipping prices are ridiculous. If you want to SPREAD THE SPARK with your items, lower the shipping prices.

The calendar, magnets, window clings, etc. would be great prizes on the login wheel or bonus spin. Just saying...... Report
Hmmmm, I wonder if the SPARK people are reading these posts about shipping, etc. If you want to spark MORE....maybe reduce....the shipping, have it go on a Report
I added this to my cart & was excited to buy it...until I went to check out and saw shipping was almost as much as the calendar. I would love the calendar but can't bring myself to pay that much for shipping. Report
Shipping just about doubled the cost of the desk calendar! Made me change my mind about buying it :( Report
I got a calendar at a dot com but it was a gift, and they had a buy $25 get free ship so I splurged on one for me as well (I usually don't get one - make due with my phone and computer) ... they should have a minimum free ship!! I would buy from them if they did! Report
I was all set to order this today as it was on sale then realized the shipping cost more than the calender and decided not to order it. Too bad, I really wanted one! Report
i was set to order one until i saw the shipping charge. Report
It would have been better if the calendar was available before 2012 started. I finally gave up on it and bought a pretty decent calendar at 75% at the calendar kiosk at the mall even before this one was released (at full price with high shipping). Report
I picked up one of those mom calendars and put my goals in place of the family names. About the same price as this one without the 7+$ shipping. Spark store has some really cute things, but their shipping is way much. Report
I loved this calendar and was prepared to order it; until I saw they were charging over 7 bucks for shipping. Seriously? Report
Don't mind the $12 price so much but the shipping is way too high. Report
I would SO love to have this - I wish you would give a few as a prize on the wheel. I can't afford to buy it, now or soon. Dire financial problems. Report
THANK YOU for bringing out the 2012 version, even late! I bought 2010, 2011, and even though the sayings may repeat, it's like that "motivation doesn't last quote"... need my daily boost! Report
I'd love to get it for my new Kindle.... Report
I wish I could buy this at the store. As much as I don't want to pay $12 for calendar, I could if I didn't have to pay shipping. Report

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