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Do's and Don'ts of Goal Setting

Key Pieces to the Puzzle


  • This article came just when I needed it"! I have had a bad habit of beating myself up over missed goals. No more will this be my downfall. This article makes it simple, easy and leaves room for when you don't do so well. I truly believe this will change the results that I have had. THANKS! - 8/10/2008 11:12:45 AM
  • Yes like the way this is worded and keeps you on the postive side. It is so easy to slip up and give up - 8/5/2008 3:44:36 PM
    EXCELLENT! - 8/4/2008 7:14:56 PM
    YEP --- I gave in and ate some cookies last night. i beat myself up pretty good, so I'm glad for the reminder that "all is not lost" and "focus on the good stuff". I won't let last night be an excuse to give up.
    - 8/4/2008 4:33:00 PM
    I can't believe I found this site! It is amazing! I feel that with the daily motivation and reminder of the goals that I have set, I will be able to succeed this time around. - 8/4/2008 10:29:02 AM
  • This article is going to help! Boy, did it ever hit quite a few spots with me! Thanks! - 8/4/2008 10:18:17 AM
  • Just what I needed - 6/28/2008 11:55:24 AM
  • This article is so real and so true!
    Bailey20061 - 5/12/2008 9:08:50 AM
  • I really like this article! - 5/7/2008 9:06:44 PM
  • this is hellpen me thank you - 5/7/2008 11:09:09 AM
    This article is right to the point. Never say never and remember that we are as important as promises we make to our kids in getting that special toy for Christmas. We tend to be nonchalant when it comes to eating and exercise but if we look at it as a food shopping list or saving for that cruise we want to go on; we will have much success. Always have a plan B and keep a journal. At the end of the week you'll be surprised with all that was accomplished. - 3/10/2008 11:53:23 AM
    This is a great article !!! Its a wonderful way of getting organized - and realizing - its ok if we have a booboo moment - and to not beat ourselves us because of it - but just keep trucking ! :o) Definitely putting it in my faves ! - 2/19/2008 6:11:01 AM
  • MY theory is this.....if you spend the time doing the DO' won't have time to do the DON'TS!!!!!!! Great article!!!! - 2/4/2008 6:21:07 AM
  • I teach eighth graders, and we have been focusing on setting goals this year. There are some excellent discussion points here that will provoke class discussions. Thanks! - 1/30/2008 3:10:04 PM
  • KELBO424
    over the years i have done all the "don't's" that were listed. :o) i have since revamped my goals and am well on my way to reaching them this time. these tips really do work!! - 1/30/2008 11:51:12 AM

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