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Do's and Don'ts of Goal Setting

Key Pieces to the Puzzle


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  • Exactly what I needed when I needed it!
  • GREAT ARTICLE! I intend to take it to heart! Thanks Mike!
  • This was exactly the information that I need right now.
  • Really helpful - broken down into simple steps
  • The article was VERY enlighting and I am really committed this time to a better way of living and a much healthier way of eating. If I remember that I didn't get like this over night and TRY to stay the course, I CAN DO IT!!!
  • NEGRA70
    Very good article very much to the point and I like that.
  • Great article. I just had a friend tell me to write down short and long term goals and told her I didn't need to. But the artilce stated the same points she did. Its key to write things did you are always able to come back to it and its helpful if its dated so you know how far you have come and how much more you have to go. Thanks
  • Great artice! And I am not just saying it because I thought it said what I wanted to hear ;). It makes sense to give yourself sharp defined ACHIEVABLE goals- and to allow for inevitable failures ( we are all only human ). and its good you mmentioned to focus on the wins rather than the losses.
  • What a good article for me to read today. I currently have 7 goals I am working on. Yes I said 7. Only one of them is going very'd think that would be a sign huh? lol Maybe I set so many b/c I'm turning 30 in 63 days....not that I am counting! lol
  • TILLY601
    This article is very timely for me. i have been spending this morning reviewing 4 goals that I set during the summer. I've been review what went right, what went wrong, and what I want to continue doing to reach the goal. One goal is going along well, one is pretty good, and two feel like distasters. Your article reminded me not to give up but keep on making adjustments until I get moving in the direction I want to go.
  • Thanks, Mike, for this article. I'm going to save it and look at it often, especially considering this is like round 4 on SP; just started back today and your article helped me see my goals clearer. I DO tend to be all or nothing and I know that is wrong. SP helps track the goals and the progress so I think I'll stay around this time.
    As a typical Sagittarius, I tend to leave things until I have to do them, as such I am now almost forced into this, the only way I can work to be honest, though this article helps to see how setting little goals and deadlines does help
  • Don't quite understand the importance of getting up before the alarm, that's why you have an alarm..
    Besides that is the best part of the day, waiting for the alarm to go off, and 2 nine minute snoozes.... the only 18-20 minutes out of the day, that you have absolute control of...after that most of the day is at someone elses discretion...
  • It seems like every article I read and really enjoy or get alot out of turn out to be Mikes articles! Thanks so much and keep the good info coming!

    My 2 week goal is 15 min. of exercise everyday! (and try to get in some water - no specific goal there yet til I get the 1st one)
  • I know I've read about goal setting before, but for some reason, I never even thought about it regarding health and fitness...Duh!!!

    I liked the article:)

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