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Do's and Don'ts of Goal Setting

Key Pieces to the Puzzle


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  • I put up a calender with a little space underneath each day. There i write down when i go to the gym to keep track of when i do go or other things that i do that keeps me active. Its a great way for me to see how often i go and how much i have improved in changing my life. I only write the things i have done which is a nice reward and also a good keepsake for me later on. Good luck to anyone looking to change their life for the better and don't give up! :)
  • on my monthly wall calendar, i put different colored stars up when i reach a goal.
    red star = no coke for the day
    green star = strength training
    gold star = cardio + strength!!
    i feel motivated to keep my gold star streak going or make a pattern for the month. it keeps it interesting without feeling overwhelmed.
    it might sound silly, but the visual reminder everyday is the only thing that has helped me. the last thing i want is a day with no stars!!
  • Thanks for a good common sense article. Sometimes a reminder is what's needed :)
  • Thank You. This has clear up things. My next big goal at getting healthier is to quit smoking. It is going to be hard since my spouse smokes.I have failed at this one before. I think now it was for a couple of big reasons. Number one was I really did not want to. I had no one to support me. I husband said he was too and made no effort,and I decided if he's not I am not either. I know now I have to do it for me and not what anyone else wants. And following this will work for that too.
  • Thanks for this article. Being motivated is a huge step in success
  • I'd like to save this article for reference but do not see a save button...
    Thank you Mike great article,I need to over haul some of my goals,as in make sure they are all written down,and make sure they are small steps ..funny how everytime i log on and go to an article its just what i need :)
    Thank you Mike for a good article. It seemed just to be for me because I needed to hear that so much. It seems I've been having trouble forever, one week after another and I know it's just because I'm not serious enough about my goals or that my goals aren't clear enough and specific enough. So I will make them more clear and specific tonight! Thanks for giving me this idea of help!
    Thanks for a very timely message. Most of the time i'm telling others that very same thing. Set small achievable goals, but because I am a goal setter I sometimes forget it's only human to fall off from time 2 time. I don't think of my slips ups as failures because I learn from them, and as you so graciously put it (Things Happen) thanks :-))
  • GREAT article - I've been beating myself up all day for a series of major slips this weekend - 2 parties and dinner out - willpower out of the window! Really feeling bad about letting myself down - AGAIN! However, this has been really helpful in making me resolve to get back some focus instead of sliding further. Off to make some new notes on my planning process. Thank you so much, Mike.
  • Thank you Mike for making goal setting a "human endeavor". I sometimes think when we set goals we treat ourselves like a machine - which, obviously we are NOT. Sure if you were a machine you could set the dial to "eat only things that are good for you" , turn the dial to "on" then start immediately on your way to a healthier life style. But that is not realistic. Like your article mentioned it is better to change one or two smaller goals at a time. Get those under your belt (make them a habit) then you can add another smaller goal. Reward yourself for every step towards your larger goal - you'll get there. Be kind to yourselves - we are not machines.
  • I missed two days of working out but this article made me realize that its natural to make mistakes and I need to reward myself more often for all of the positive steps I've made into changing my life style instead of beating up myself. Thanks for this article.
  • Thank you Mike! All of your articles on Goal Setting have goten me where I am today! Of course I had to be led to them and my hand held during the entire process but without you I wouldn't have lost 175 lbs. Again, Thank you!!!
  • Great article --- off track recently and resuming today.
    Excellent timing and thank you for quality and practical information!

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