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5 Healthy Habits That Fight the Signs of Aging

How to Maintain a Youthful Appearance


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    Most important remedy for anti aging is doing regular yoga..I prefer going Almost natural as it helps me to keep healthy.Yoga regulates the fresh blood supply to all parts of our body, in this it improves our brain health and skin beauty.I use Organic Anti Aging skincare for minimizing aging spots.For more details
  • I quit smoking 5 years ago & drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. I am trying to make positive changes to prolong my life because of the toll that the diabetes has caused. This year was just tear 28 I want to at least make it to 50.......

    By the way, I have 0 nerve damage which my doctor says is amazing & I go to the gym 3 times per week-
    I do think all of the things in this article are good for healthy skin...but accept wrinkles and expect them someday no matter what you do...then if you don't get them, be happy. Let's dwell more on being kinder to each other fat or skinny, instead of just vanity of our stay healthy and have a kind heart and smile.....
    I'm 57 and I looked younger before I lose weight, losing weight cause my face to age. So be over weight and look younger or lose weight and look older Mmmm
    It's interesting that the author ignored one very important suggestion. Maintaining a healthy weight early in life and in early adulthood means that when you get older and your skin has less elasticity, you won't have a lot of excess skin.

    If you are heavy in your younger days, then decide to lose weight as you get older, your skin will not shrink as much as it would have when you were younger. So, for example, a woman who has lost a significant amount of weight in her later years will have saggy skin, not just on her face, but her arms, legs, neck, back, torso, etc.

    Think about it, if future health issues aren't enough of an incentive to maintain a healthy weight when you're young, think about the wrinkles and saggy skin you will be facing in the future when you do decide to lose weight. Take it from someone who knows - I'm 61 and have lost weight a lot of weight. I have wrinkles all over.
    Hi I'm 51 yrs young, hav 5 grandkids.. Look in my early 30's... I believe it is good living...don't smoke or drugs... Drink lots of water..lots of smiles n laughter!
  • I will turn 60 in just a few weeks. Since getting serious with SP last October and losing over 30 lbs; I feel like I actually look closer to my age than I did a year ago. I definitely drink more than 8 cups of water per day, I stopped sunning years ago, I stopped smoking in 96. The weight loss has left me with a bunch of wrinkles and loose skin flapping around that I did not have b4. People seem to think I've been sick. I couldn't afford cosmetic procedures if I wanted them. I guess unless I want to gain the weight back so I look "robust" I'm stuck with the wrinkles and flab.
  • I have been told I don't look my age either. I look younger.
  • I can not read the article for the ads. Never had this trouble befor What the heck
  • MARTY32M
    OK except for the bit about sunscreen. Some people need it more than others. The author (according to the picture) is a redhead, implying fair skin with little or no melanin to protect it. I have a Mediterranean complexion. I will never have a rosy complexion; it's more like olive. I have never used sunscreen. I'm 80 years old, and I have a few creases in my face, but no fine wrinkles.
  • There was a show on Dr. Oz a few years ago that research that found that" Drinking water " doesn't do anything for the skin............nothing at all ...just a myth

    Just sayin....

    Some of these notions need to be updated before publishing here
  • JILL1129
    Re: Plastic surgery & dermatologic treatments and fillers. 1. These procedures are expensive. 2. They are not guaranteed to produce results (e.g., thermage). 3. They are temporary solutions. Eventually, people just, well...age. No amount of cream or fillers or toxins will reduce those jowels, I just wish that rather than avoiding growing older, we might as a society, if not embrace it, at least get used to that notion.
    My thought to the author is, really?
    It's not good to cook our skin in the sun, eat junk, drink alcohol, smoke, and be dehydrated?
    Not ground breaking news.
  • Best anti-aging product you can put on your face.... a SMILE

    Look at all those adverts that use before and after photos closely and you'll see that the before model isn't and the after model is.

    I'm 56, my sister is 52 and my sister in law is 60. They use every expensive moisturiser under the sun, and guess what, SIL scowls all the time and has hardly anything to do all day - she looks older than she is. Sis and me smile most of the time and are always busy and engaged - everyone thinks we're younger than our years.
  • Is she kidding?

    Leeann, darling, at some point, one misses the boat. Please, never imply the impossible. People beyond 40 just may click on the piece.

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