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6 Tips to Deal with Daylight Saving Time

Time-Tested Ways to Cope with the Time Change


  • I am SO glad that we do not have to deal with DST here in Arizona. I lived with that for the first 40 years of my life, and have loved living where we have PLENTY of sun and do NOT NEED more! For us more daylight only mean more HEAT....we all LOVE it when the darkness comes earlier bringing cooler temperatures! By the time November arrives, we are ready for cooler weather!!! - 11/2/2008 9:18:35 PM
  • I HATE THE TIME CHANGE!!! I have a rough time dealing with the time change...losing that hour of sleep. However, I feel really good in the fall when I get that hour of sleep back. My mom made a remark about me being so grouchy in the spring. I have a hard time getting to sleep when we lose that hour, and it seems like I just drag along for months afterwards. I wish they would leave it alone! - 11/2/2008 12:39:20 PM
  • The article was really good. The only thing that I don't like is it gets so Dark so Early.But other than that it's never really been a problem for me to adjust. - 11/2/2008 12:34:15 PM
  • i actually find the switch a relief. the lack of daylight was beginning to really get to me. it only lasts a few weeks though because then the long grey days of proper winter around here set in. - 11/2/2008 6:28:49 AM
  • I think it should be left one way or the doesn't matter which! - 11/2/2008 6:09:27 AM
  • Aw heck, I just go with the flow ! - 11/2/2008 4:56:30 AM
  • I've always said we should split the difference on the half hour and just leave it there permanently!!!!! - 11/1/2008 10:03:44 PM
  • well I hate the switch pick a time and stick with it - 11/1/2008 1:39:00 PM
  • I have a different point of view. I need the sunlight to wake up in the morning and right now it is still dark at 7am. I have been looking forward to the time change so I don't have to force myself to get up before sunrise. I have an easier time dealing with an earlier sunset. - 11/1/2008 8:28:23 AM
  • I agree with "SunnyArizon". I live in Indiana and I liked it when we didn't observe DST. - 10/31/2008 9:33:33 PM
  • Benjamin Franklin had one bad idea in his life, and this is it. He was a city dweller all his life, and never lived with plants and animals on a daily basis. This abomination disturbs our bodies, and surely has a weakening effect on our immune systems. - 10/31/2008 8:29:34 PM
  • Hey , I live in Arizona!!!!!! I think it is the only state left that does NOT do the DST thing.

    If they ever try to change it, I will Fight it HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!!!!!

    - 10/31/2008 6:49:38 PM
  • I wish they would just leave the clock alone and not have DST at all. Better yet, it would be nice if we were able to really respond to what our bodies are trying to tell us - like going to sleep when we are tired and getting up when we naturally wake up instead of running our lives by the clock! I know I'm dreaming, but it's a nice thought anyway. :-) - 10/31/2008 1:50:34 PM
  • I live in Arizona where DST is not honored. I actually don't like DST, I feel like I adjust anturally anyways. I never liked DST when I lived in other states. They should compare stats with people in AZ too because they never have to deal with DST! - 10/31/2008 11:35:11 AM
  • The article briefly mentions increased use of fuel and energy during DST. Wouldn't that extra energy use reflect the fact that we use more fuel in the winter because it's cold? - 10/31/2008 10:08:46 AM

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