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6 Tips to Deal with Daylight Saving Time

Time-Tested Ways to Cope with the Time Change


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I thoroughly agree with those who say that it should be left one way or another or split it by a half hour each time. It seems like it's too disruptive to everyone's schedules and I know my kids never did well adjusting.

On another note, I too am looking forward with some others to the change this weekend. I love that extra daylight in the evening and it means that summer is getting closer. Even though I live in Florida, it's been unusually cold this winter and I miss walking on the beach! Report
I love "Springing Forward", doesn't disagree with me at all! I've been looking forward to it all winter. I abhor getting up in the dark and I love the early daylight. I'm feeling more energized and enthused already! Looking forward to it! Report
I have been quite worried about it honestly. I was really bad with schedules and routines and just this last month have made so many changes and am really working hard to adjust to being on a healthy routine. When it is something so new and I am still learning and struggling this is just like throwing a wrench in my plan. Ugh. Hopefully I will adjust quickly and all will be well though. Report
Or perhaps we could just adjust our business hours during the year. No absurd time changes but you still get more time in the afternoon. Report
My solution? Work the night shift. It just means I have an hour less to get my work done tonight! Report
Heheh, it's really NOT that HARD...C'mon people! Report
I'm always surprised to see people who like the idea of doing away with DST-- I definitely don't want sunrise coming at 3:30 am in the summer!

I'm one of those people who would prefer living on DST (NOT standard time) all year long. I could cope with a little darkness in the mornings in exchange for the longer days, and it would save the back-and-forth mess (Spring is the hardest for me).

But on the other hand, it helps the safety of schoolchildren (going to school in the dark is dangerous).

So I'm glad that our Standard Time window has gotten smaller in recent years. Now it's early November to early March-- we've lopped off about 6 weeks of it. Report
I would argue to stay on DST permanently. We would not have to change our clocks but would benefit from the greater amount of daylight in the evening. Let's start a movement! My pets always have trouble adjusting, both in the spring and autumn when the clocks change. Report
I also hate DST. Think about all the people it affects mothers trying to get an infant on a schedule and those poor babies...the time changes twice in the first year of their life! And then there are the country folk who have animals to feed and doesn't matter the "time on the clock" animals must be milked on a regular schedule. Then there's those of us on long acting medication and who already have trouble with sleep disorders and getting into a healthy eating routine takes me about two or three weeks to adjust. Sure the clock went back an hour but now I'm not sleepy at bedtime feels too early and I can't get to sleep!
Then of course we "spring forward" (lose an hour of sleep) right before the state mandated testing at school. So our sleep deprived students take the test that supposedly tells the world if we're doing our job. Go figure! Report
I am SO glad that we do not have to deal with DST here in Arizona. I lived with that for the first 40 years of my life, and have loved living where we have PLENTY of sun and do NOT NEED more! For us more daylight only mean more HEAT....we all LOVE it when the darkness comes earlier bringing cooler temperatures! By the time November arrives, we are ready for cooler weather!!! Report
I HATE THE TIME CHANGE!!! I have a rough time dealing with the time change...losing that hour of sleep. However, I feel really good in the fall when I get that hour of sleep back. My mom made a remark about me being so grouchy in the spring. I have a hard time getting to sleep when we lose that hour, and it seems like I just drag along for months afterwards. I wish they would leave it alone! Report
The article was really good. The only thing that I don't like is it gets so Dark so Early.But other than that it's never really been a problem for me to adjust. Report
i actually find the switch a relief. the lack of daylight was beginning to really get to me. it only lasts a few weeks though because then the long grey days of proper winter around here set in. Report
I think it should be left one way or the doesn't matter which! Report
Aw heck, I just go with the flow ! Report

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