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Choose Olive Oil as a Healthy Alternative

Cook as the Mediterraneans Do


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  • I use olive oil spray instead of Pam now. Our local Walmart carries it. I also use olive oil in most of my cooking as well.
  • I have heard that olive oil is good for you, but is it safe to heat? I've heard that heating olive oil changes the consistency and then it is not very heart healthy. Does anyone know if that is true?
  • I very often dip my bread into olive oil and then into a little dish of seeds. Not the most weight conscious of food but healthy and delish!
  • This was a VERY informative article.I use pure olive oil,but am going to start using virgin or extra virgin.I knew that olive oil was good for you, but didn't realize ALL those vtamiins in it.
    Laura, your articles are always wonderful. Must of the contents of this article is new to me. It's good to know that olive oil has some nutritional values to it , and even vitamins and desease prevention. I like the way you breakdown the type of olive oils and the difference between the other type of oils. Now I am going to switch my olive oil brain from pure to virgin. Thank you much.
  • I love olive oil but wish it was cheaper. Vegtable oil is much less, but also not as good for you.
  • I hate oils, all of them. They just taste awful and make everything they are in taste awful. I was so excited to read you can use pureed fruit to subsitute for oil in a recipe! Now that's something tasty!
  • I don't know if you're familiar with Pampered Chef, but I love their Kitchen Mister. It pumps just a mist of oil when you need it. It sells for $12.50. Check out their website!
    i like to make popcorn in the pan, is olive oil good to use for that instead of the normal vege oil?
    how/where do you buy a mister for oil? what is it? is it just a plastic spray bottle like you can put water in?
  • i love olive oil but I find that it can be super duper expensive!
  • Here is something yummy........I cut up eggplant, put extra virgin olive oil on both sides and put it in a frying pan till it's crispy on both sides. Then add just a small amount of balsamic vinegar after u take it out of the pan. It's so yummy and almost no calories. YUM YUM!!
  • As a child, my grandmother would use olive oil on our hair, skin (like lotion),and on all baby's. She said that olive oil was more healthier than baby lotion, and was good for your hair/skin because of Vitamin A. I used on my children as well. I started cooking with it when I saw this show called Healthy Flavors. I use extra light virgin olive oil in baked goods - cakes, brownies,and muffin instead of vegetable oil. I use regular olive oil in most of my cooking that calls for vegetable oil.
  • Great Article, my daughter and I use olive oil on our skin and face also.
  • A mister is a great idea - need to get that set up.

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