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''I Walked My Way onto a Magazine Cover!''

How Walking Changed TERRAHNE's Life


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    i was slaking off on my walking thank's for the push
    I'm a walker too and I really like it but some people at my work have been telling me it's not high intensity enough so thank you for inspiring me ignore them and to keep getting on the treadmill and getting out on the trails!
  • WANDAFUL3691
    That is such an inspirational article. You look absolutely great. It's amazing what we can do when we get determined. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  • Wow - thank you for sharing! That is EXACTLY what I needed to read this morning!
    Thank you! I started out walking but everyone said I needed to do more. No other exercise has held my attention long term like walking did. Today I will start walking again for my main source or exercise.
    Your story is such an inspiration to us all. Congratulations! I think you looked beautiful in your before picture, the after just enhances it. I hope and pray that my "lifestyle change" will be just as successful as yours. May you continue to stay in healthy form. Thanks again for your story!
  • You are an inspiration to me! To see your goals and dreams in print is awesome.
    Keep walking and "Sparking" america.
  • Congrats Terrah! That is truely an amazing accomplishment! I do Turbo Jam too & have gotten most of my friends involved - I agree that it's one of the BEST workout out there! Keep up the Great work & you look absolutely fantastic!!!
  • Congratulations on achieving your goals!!! You look fantastic!! And I'm sure you feel it!
  • LESA2.0
    Congrats, Terrah! Your story really inspired me. I've been having a hard time motivating myself to exercise, so I decided I'd try to "at least do some walking." You see, I love to walk, but always think that it's not hard enough to be a "real workout" because I actually enjoy doing it. After reading your article, I've been inspired to walk 2 miles 4 days this week. I hadn't lost any weight the past couple of weeks, but lost 2 pounds this week. I really think I can stick with exercise if I choose walking as my workout. Thank you so much for showing us that walking is a real workout!!
    Good for you! I never thought that walking could work so well as a "workout", now that I see how well it has worked for you I will make sure to throw on my sneakers, put on the headphones and take a nice walk around the park. You have motivated one more person to get out there and walk. Thanks.
  • Thanks to everyone for your kind words....I just realized that these comments were left or I would have said thank you a long time ago! Thanks again!

    PS. Freetolive.....I only eat ne cheat meal a WEEK. I never would have made it by eating one cheat meal a DAY. :)
  • You do look amazing - but I just have to say your "before" picture looked pretty good to me too. Awesome work - keep it up!
  • Such a smart girl.
  • YOU LOOK SO AMAZING!!! you are definitely an inspiration to me as walking is my main form of exercise! i love it !!! i love seeing success stories like this, and i can't wait until i am my own success story!!!

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