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''I Walked My Way onto a Magazine Cover!''

How Walking Changed TERRAHNE's Life


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You look fantastic!

I hope Iook that good after I lose 136 lbs - 78 down already in 7 months! Getting there!

CONGRATS!!! Report
Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing your story. Report
Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing your story. Report
Dear Terrah-After,

You look like a super model!!!!

Congratulations! Do not turn back, never ever!

Uhura Report
Congrats! You look great! WTG! Report
My husband and I go walking and wheeling as he is in a wheelchair.the doctor recommended we start small with 15 mins a day and some of the time for my husband to stop using his arms and me to push him.he is 155kg and I am 110kg.My sister walks 5kms a day and has lost about 30kgs! Report
Great inspirational article. Just what I needed to hear (read) today. Report
This was very inspiring, I've been walking for about a month now and I feel great ! Report
I'm a little late catching up on the news but I am so glad I read this because you hav become my inspiration because right now walking is about all I can handel so i am so pleasedto hear of your success with it. Congrats. Report
I am very proud of Terrah, but if you look at the magazine cover it says "Lose 25 Pounds in 30 days!" Everyone here at sparkpeople knows this is not a healthy rate to lose weight. 1 pound a week is good, 1 pound a day is nearly impossible! Report
Good for you for walking your way to better health. I walked 50 pounds off my body so I know that it can be done. I love walking. Report
I always wondered if those women they claimed lost weight were real or not. Now I know. Congrats girl! I'm walking my way to health as well. Report
"What a great inspiration!!!" Report
What a great inspiration. Congratulations to you. I work out at Curves 5 or 6 times a week, and use a cane for balance. You have inspired me to start walking with my 4 wheel walker again. I used to do it daily and stopped when I started going to Curves. Time to include that a few days a week too. Especially on Sunday's when I don't work out. Report
You must be really tall. Report

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