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How to Walk with Proper Form and Technique

The Art and Science of Fitness Walking


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  • need the help - thanks
  • Got a good "stretch of the legs" walking back and forth between our disabled car and the little park downhill where I waited for the wrecker. HAH! Beyond that, I have to agree with several others here. It's an overall good article, but some of it is only for young, fit folks. At 57, with a history of PF, back and knee injuries, I'm now off my cane, eating more sensibly and losing weight intelligently, but can easily work up a sweat at 2.5 mph! I'm 5'6". My DH is 6'5" with a total knee replacement (and one soon to be replaced) and two back surgeries behind him. He fits more closely to your criteria. I'm rather more like a little puppy walking beside him. If he's got a head of steam on, I'd be jogging to keep up!
  • My heart rate is increased at 2.8 mph. Works fornme!
  • This article is geared for the young, again.
  • I love to run but now am out of shape. I feel it is more important to get my heart in shape. Walking and jogging will get me strong again.
  • Walking heel to toe is actually harder on your knees, you should strike the ground with your midfoot.
  • Dean, I really think after reading comments and discussing with other exercisers that you are really missing the boat on your guidelines to walking pace. I have many years of treadmill work and 3.6 mph is plenty fast enough and gets my heart rate into a high range. My friends and I are jogging at a 4/4.2 mph pace. At 5 mph we are definitely at a sprint. I work out 5-6 times per week and would not consider myself out of shape. I have to say something because I think it is comments like in this story and research that contribute to the world's obesity epidemic. Although your article has some great expectations, these numbers for walking pace immediately turns anyone thinking about exercise and experienced exercisers away from getting or staying in shape. Maybe those numbers are accurate for professionals, but let's be more realistic. Comments like this defeat the purpose in encouraging more people to get and stay active and I fail to believe that this research is based in any average person.
  • Instead of pumping your arms, get a good walking stick (how about an article on how to get a good one and use it properly?)

    A walking stick will actually work your upperbody as you push off from the ground, and since your arms/chest are doing some of the work, you can walk longer/farther.

    And it gives your hands something to do as you move along...
  • I walk heal to toe as the article state, but lately, I've experienced a pain in the part of my right foot just beneath the middle toe. I've tried to look up what could be causing this and have followed what little advice there is on it, but have found no relief. Fortunately, it doesn't bother me all the time. Sometimes, it hurts after 15 minutes of walking, sometimes after an hour of walking. Shoes don't seem to a contributor as I've walked in various types of shoes and pain always happens sooner or later.

    I'm going to the Dr. soon and I'll ask him. Meanwhile, like so many others have said, I'll just do the best I can.
    This article was helpful. I learned a couple of things about walking that I didn't know could be harming me. Thanks!
    I'm another "shorty" who just doesn't have a long stride. I'm practically jogging at about 3.7 mph. However, this was a good "refresher" article that reminded me to stop clenching my fists when walking. I also have never read any sort of instruction regarding hills, so I'll keep that in mind for next time - I definitely tend to lean forward when going uphill.
  • As soon as I read the words "heel strike" I knew I wasn't going to be following all of this advice. I wear Zero heel drop" shoes for walking and my 5ks. In these you walk on your toes first, and softly land your heels, which is much better on my arthritic knees and easier for my hips and back as well.
    My fav shoe, for most anything is still the Fivefingers series. ( yes I know the company had some problems with their more outrageous claims about their "barefoot running" technology , and had to offer to buy back the shoes..but I'm not an extreme runner looking to shave time off my splits , I'm a chubby, arthritic senior who just wants to walk with less pain, which these shoes help me achieve.
    i am a daily runner, and i also do yoga stretches before my runs each day. I had Plantar Fasciitis and it devastaated me. I couldnt run anymore which is one of my favorite exercises. I just recently cured my PF and i created a blog explaining what it took for me to cure it. Im sure the readers here could enjoy
  • As a runner, I have had to totally relearn how to land my foot-strike as it is completely different with walking. If I had read this article sooner, I might have avoided painful shin splints!
  • I have a total knee that only bends 88 degrees. It is very difficult for me to walk fast. I do however, march in place. I always thought the average person walked 6 mph. I guess it really does depend on how long your legs are. Like the saying different strokes for different folks. I just walk thinking about keeping my abs in and swinging my arms. I also concentrate on hitting heel first and pushing with my toes.

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