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How to Walk with Proper Form and Technique

The Art and Science of Fitness Walking


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  • I'm very thankful this article was available. I took a walking/weight loss class in college back in 1985, and none of this information was discussed. Thank you!
  • I really liked this article! I'm ready to start a serious walking program and needed a refresher on the proper techniques to get the most out of my workouts. Thanks!
  • I like this story. I lost over 60 pounds by walking about 5 miles a day and never knew about the leaning on the hills I take. I had foor surgery due to wearing the wrong shoes and not taking good care of my feet. After 5 months of healing, I am looking for articles with information like this so I won't do things again that I never knew before I learned the hard way!
  • Very good article! I didn't realize that leaning back when going down hills could be problematic - but if you stay erect, your abs work much more!
    I also liked the instruction about rolling from heel to ball of foot. I have to watch out that I put enough weight on the inner ball mounts - so that my feet don't slightly roll to the outside (pronation).
    I had to read this sentence a few times to figure out what was intended: "When walking, your center of gravity to move forward, not side-to-side (known as hip sway)." I think the word "to" is supposed to be "should." Also, in key #3 the word "more" should be "move." I really appreciate the advice about not lengthening your natural stride. I am 5'2" and I find it very difficult to walk at a "brisk" pace, the best I can do at this point is slow to moderate. I felt very tempted to lengthen my stride to see if that would make a difference.
  • THANK YOU!!! This is one of the most useful, well written, and thorough articles I have ever read about walking!!!! I am training to walk the Portland Marathon and although I knew that you should walk heel-toe, the way he presented the information made me realize I was not releasing with my big toe after all (And I thought I was doing great---live and learn), . THANK YOU!
  • I have had to learn to walk again and I don't always do it correctly. Heel to toe is a good reminder for me.It is seriously hard to remind yourself all the time how to do this and sometimes you just walk the way that is easiest for you.
    I have been using Nordic walking poles as well as Pacer poles when walking in order to get a full body workout rather than just the legs. see .au and
    After I complete a long walk, my back is sore and I have problems bending down to touch my toes. Next time, I'm going to try to stay straight and stop looking down at feet.
    A question: For weight loss, is it better to go for speed (ie 2 miles in half an hour) or distance? Right now I'm doing 2.5 to 3 miles each time but at 45 to 60 minutes this is "slow" (although I really feel the workout). I notice my calories burned is not at my goal, but I am losing weight. Confused. I also have a goal of walking on a trip this summer in Germany.

    Thanks for anyone who answers this.
  • Thank you! This was very interesting and great info! I will work toward this proper technic!
  • Thank you! I really need to work on my arms pumping. My mile is 2400 steps. Looking at the speeds, it's now clear to me why so many people with longer legs pass me in an apparent sauntering pace.

  • Very good article and thanks for the reminders.
  • Good article, thx coach!

    : )

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