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How to Walk with Proper Form and Technique

The Art and Science of Fitness Walking


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    I have plantar facitis in my left foot...i was wondering if anyone knew of or could recommend a good walking shoe?? thanks
  • I agree water aerobics is really great for walking without stressing my neck and spine.
    But when I walk in the mall I walk normally. But I can do 3 to 4 miles in an hour depending o n the person with whom I am walking... On a treadmill I try to do the motion you suggest.
  • I've taken Chi-Walking and Chi-Running classes. In Chi, they teach to land full-foot, that landing heel and pushing with toe is a major cause of injury. With Chi, I can walk and walk and walk for mile and have no pain. without using Chi, I walk max 1-2 miles and hurt.
  • I do a lot of walking and have done a lot most of my life. It looks like I've been naturally doing what is recommended in this article, except for bending my arms at 90 degrees, which I'm not going to do no matter how important it might be; I'm sorry, but I'm just not going to make myself look that silly. If I was going to do that I might as well also be wearing a clown suit.

    I like to mix a little fast running in with long walks, usually toward the beginning. And I like to walk over various terrains. I've also found that it works better to do walking one day, maybe bike riding the next, karate the next, and so on, with a lot of gardening mixed in this time of year, instead of doing the same thing every day. Plus weights 3 days a week. Variety improves exercise for a number of reasons.

    I'm curious about how carrying extra weight, like if you walk to the grocery store or library and carry a backpack to bring the things you get home. These days I'm carrying about 30 pounds of extra weight in fat, due to poor diet discipline (which I need to work on). Presumably that increases the amount of work my muscles do.
  • I walk a lot but not particularly mindfully. going to think about it next time I'm out and about. I've never heard of chi walking but I'm going to find out more. thanks all!
    Very good information. I've been walking a lot and it' s good to know that I'm doing some of it right. I do have to correct some mistakes that I made . Thanks.
    I try to walk a hour a day with some jogging how long does it take to lose any weight I am trying to lose 10 to 15 pounds any advise help I am trying
  • This is great! I'm doing more walking out necessity at the moment (injured foot in the healing process) so until I can run again this article has provided some very useful tips.
  • I'm sorry, but if I have to think about all those things to walk, I'm just not going to do it. Just took all the fun out of it!
  • Thanks for sharing. Very informative. Wasn't wlaking properly.
    How fantastic to see someone exercising who looks over 50! This women looks in great health and is a motivator for me. It really helps to see diversity in age, gender and ethniticity.
  • Great article. When you walk as a form of exercise you need to be more aware of form. I learned this after some incorrect walking that has landed me in physical therapy. I am now restarting my walking as a from of exercise again, slower for now but I hope to increase my speed eventually. At 60 years old with plenty of arthritis in my spine, I may never jog but i can still lose weight thru walking. Treking poles are a help too.
    This article on walking is very helpful, because i do some walking without any techniques.
    now a going to apply this techniques because i know is going to work for me.
  • I agree Dale. I back off walking most of last year due to heel pain and using the tips in ChiWalking have gotten me going again -- most particularly avoiding the heel strike.

    I think there's also some caution in going with your "natural" stride -- I naturally toe out on one side. Over the past month since reading ChiRunning (and having a gate analysis done) I've been trying to keep that toe in. It works weak muscles, but I also find I'm having less hip pain.
    Great Article,but, there is some debate about landing on your heel as opposed to landing more on your midfoot. Many people when they step out in front of their bodies with their foot and land on their heel land with a straight knee which puts a lot of stress on the knee, hips, back, ankle and shins. A person can actually move forward without putting the foot infront of the body. By leaning forward from the ankle you can let gravity take you forward and land with a bent knee. Also it is not good advice to take a longer stiride when running either. Everything else in this article was great advice. Check out and Chi walking.

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