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Workouts for Skiers and Snowboarders

10 Sport-Specific Workouts for the Winter Season!


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  • This is nice for those who do this. I've never tried and don't see it in foreseeable future. Maybe at one time I thought about cross country skiing - I have a fear of heights!!
  • For those of you who have tried these workouts Does anybody think these workouts would be good for non skiers or snowboarders?
  • Nice. I was looking for snowboarding workouts.
  • Thanks for the article. But don't do either.
  • Starting late with training but looking forward to getting back on my board in the next couple of weeks. Major workout even taking it easy....
  • I'll have to wait til NEXT Ski season to be in good enough shape to ski. It was brutal last time I tried. I so love the feeling of heading down the hill, but the pain and weakness of being this overweight with fibromyalgia made it impossible.

    I WANT to get back on the slopes! I will get back on the slopes!

    Thanks for one more reminder of why I'm working so hard on getting into shape.

  • Skiing in the winter is my THING! Thanks so much for this informative article!!
    This is GREAT! I just moved to Colorado and haven't gotten to ski in years and can't wait - problem... I haven't skiied in years! haha... and I've got an extra 40 lbs now... so these are fantastic and I will be adding them into my strength and cadio workouts!
  • I would think those of us looking forward to winter activities are probably already doing these things.
    Unfortunately, I'm getting a total knee replacement in December (I'm only 30), so I'll be missing out on X-country skiing this season. My workouts are limited to swimming and pilates.
    With my new knee, though, I'm going to rock out ski season next year. Maybe I'll actually do downhill!
  • This is perfect. I love to ski and was looking for a workout to help me get prepared for the season.
  • Great article. I think YOGA is so important in being a fit person.

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