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No Tricks! Just Healthier Halloween Treats!

13 Alternatives Kids Will Love


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  • you know maybe some of you can afford all that so called good stuff,i can not.listen folks it is for halloween,not the start of oh,let's all eat healthy.a great many of the kids count out the candy so they can enjoy it for days anyway,let them be kids!!!!!!!they all have so much pressure on them for this and that.they grow up fast,and then they are gone,we have apprx. 150 treator's every year and they know when they come here it is worth it.remember the old fashin' way???still works today,you know they know you,so it does work!!!any way again let the kids have fun....
  • It's a shame that High Fructose Corn Syrup is government subsidized, making "normal" candy so much cheaper than treats that are better both nutritionally and environmentally. This is still a great list of sweet treats to feed kids (and a few of us adults!), but not as practical for high-traffic neighborhoods on Halloween.
  • those ginger chews are awesome but I doubt too many demon spawn would actually like them -they're definitely adult flavors...

    69 cents a treat? that makes for a very expensive halloween goodie basket.

    The animal crackers are a fine idea...

    Or just work late and avoid the begging altogether :)
  • those ginger chews are awesome but I doubt too many demon spawn would actually like them -they're definitely adult flavors...

    69 cents a treat? that makes for a very expensive halloween goodie basket.

    The animal crackers are a fine idea...

    Or just work late and avoid the begging altogether :)
    I have never given candy at Halloween. I order carnival prizes from Oriental Trading (can I include that?) or other fall carnival supply places and give out inexpensive toys. They are probably more expensive than candy but much more memorable and our once a year gift to the neighborhood kids. Ours was always the house they felt safe to ask if they could come in and go to the bathroom while out trick-or-treating and I think the thought that went into the treats created that feeling. I am now having new moms bring their little ones while they tell me stories of things they (the moms) received at our house years ago.
  • I use microwave popcorn for Halloween treats. The kids love it.
  • EVIE13
    A lot of the food in this article actually tastes Very good. I've eaten many of them myself and I know many kids who Love them. The only difference is that it's better for them and it's not snickers. But I have to say, stick to the candy. Kids don't like getting fruit for Halloween, even if it does taste good. Portion control is great if it's practiced, but all that sugar isn't good for anyone, no matter how long it takes you to eat it. I'm the only one who emerged with a serious weight problem out of my brother and sister, but we were all fat as kids. I'm sure candy didn't help (and my parents portioned our candy). I don't give out any kind of candy for Halloween. I much rather give out something that will last a lot longer. And I like to be different. I've never seen a kid whine (and I didn't either) because they got a toy instead of sugar.
  • Where we live today, we only get our 3 grandchildren for Trick or Treat, but when our kids were young and we lived in a small town, I often ran out of treats after 125 visited our door. I certainly couldn't afford the treats shown here, even though it is a good idea. I agree with those who say it is a great time to teach Portion Control.
  • I have to agree that the prices on these things are rather ridiculous. I also think that Halloween is quite a bit about the candy. I never once as a kid got a belly ache from eating too much candy, neither did my brother. We were allowed to have a set amount of our candy each day and that was that. It about lasted us till Christmas, when we got our next batch of bite-sized candies. I think instead of focusing so much on "organic" crap that tastes like crap and costs an arm and a leg, we need to be addressing the real issue of portion control. Everything in moderation. And just make sure your trick or treating route is plenty long enough to burn some calories in advance.
  • I always give VERY nice treats to the first 20 children who come to my house, because I am sure that they are the closes neighbor children and I want them to know they are "our" kids. Then the rest I give out the "regular" treats.
    I have to say I agree with GRAMMACSUE! Being only 20 years old I can remember the days of trick or treating and pillaging through my bag afterwards and let me tell you we knew the difference between the good stuff and the bad (AKA healthier). For me it was out with everything not chocolate! It is commendable though to pass out healthier treats but at least for my friends and me at that age it would have been a waste!
  • Unless parents make a big deal about an alternative being "good for you" many healthier treats pass muster with nary a fuss. If you're determined to dole out the more traditional candy, PLEASE read the labels! I have been amazed at the calorie and fat differences among traditional candies and candy bars.

    "Treat" the kids (yours and your neighbors'!) with little prizes and toys instead of candy, or stick to healthier fare... the fun of Trick Or Treating is in dressing up and gathering loot, not just getting a tummy ache from OD'ing on sugary goodies. And adults, it's our responsibility to provide what's good for the young ones, not to give them whatever they want just because they want it. Yeah, sometimes it's not fun to be responsible, but hey... we're the grown-ups!
    GRAMMACSUE- I have to disagree. The treats in this article look and taste like the "real thing" so most kids wouldn't notice a difference.
  • I personally think this is very unrealistic! I have seen , way too many times, the healthy stuff get pitched when the little goblins get home and inventory their booty. Buy the healthy stuff for your own tribe but I think you are wasting your money passing it on to the parade of characters that comes to your door!
  • Honestly.. halloween candy is great in some ways.. it's all tiny portions of normal candy. You just have to learn not to eat it all at once.. and teach children the same way. It's a great way to learn portion control and that a small candy bar is a great treat and better than eating a big one. This stuff is just expensive nonsense if you ask me.

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