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6 Steps to Strengthen Your Immune System

Boost Your Body's Defenses


  • I am 70* years old, widowed recently and have been taking vitamins from a very reputable company for over 35 years. I see the difference the older i get. I'm a firm believer in the premise that good nutrition and regular exercise improve our quality of life, do not necessarily extend it.......................there is a company called Nutrilite that can answer a lot of questions regarding supplementation and they've been around for over 65 years............. - 3/20/2011 8:49:30 PM
  • Good article to reiterate why we use and need spark people. On page 2 the last sentence there is a typo, it should be eat instead of each. Keep the articles coming - we need all the help we can get. - 1/17/2011 12:49:45 PM
    This article carries a rather condescending tone, in my opinion. - 1/17/2011 12:39:06 PM
  • This is a useful summary of good advice but I do wish we didn't have to click through five pages to read one article! I realize it provides more opportunities for advertisers to reach us but it annoys me to the point that I sometimes just don't read to the end.

    End of rant. :) - 1/16/2011 7:22:42 PM
  • The first piece of advice is rather silly considering the membership of this site, eh? It's possible to be overweight and be healthy!
    I always believe that good nutrition is our first defense against all bad things that can happen to a body. There's no such thing as prevention - if a germ wants you it will find you - but we can do a lot in regard to making ourselves unpopular hosts for germs. If our bodies are too busy fighting off the garbage we put in them, they can't fight off the "serious" stuff. Always endeavor to eat for your body's needs! - 1/16/2011 9:15:29 AM
  • Since I became vegan 4 years ago my immune system is much stronger. I hardly ever get sick. Sometimes the truth is pretty simple. - 1/2/2011 2:48:45 AM
  • Thanks for the article! Staying away from sick people is definitely an important part of staying healthy. However, right now my husband is riding a crowded subway every day, so we need to do the best we can on other fronts. At least you can't smoke on the subway, yay! - 12/16/2010 10:45:54 AM
  • Excellent summary of immune-boosters.

    I'd also add "stay away from people with colds and flu"! (and from smokers, although smoking was mentioned in the article) - 12/2/2010 9:59:52 AM
  • Great article! - 11/5/2010 10:12:36 AM
  • I really enjoyed this article. It talked about some things that you already know about improving your immune system, but it offered several achievable ways to do it. - 4/1/2010 2:58:26 PM
  • I Nailed It

    I'm following the guidelines.

    Great Article. - 1/24/2010 2:32:25 PM
    Thanks Lisa, this is a great article. - 11/18/2009 5:04:46 PM
  • This article is a good example of what I like about information presented in an easy to read style! - 4/15/2009 9:15:40 PM
    Articles like this one--that summarize in one place info we get bombarded with in "ads" are really great. It is a quick, one-place, reliable place to gather all of the best of the hype without the hype. Thanks! - 4/15/2009 11:14:55 AM
  • I REALLY ENJOYED THIS ARTICLE. - 3/3/2009 2:25:57 AM

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