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6 Steps to Strengthen Your Immune System

Boost Your Body's Defenses


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  • What a fantastic naturopathic website! Thanks so much for the referral.
    Great information provided. In addition I have also came across a great article that focuses on ways to check if you have a low immune system as well as how to boost your immune system.Thought it would be worth the share:
  • I still recall that when I was a smoker I ALWAYS had to stop when I got a cold or the flu.
  • ...duh. Fluff piece.
  • Pretty much things in moderation & not to abuse our bodies with smoking & alcohol - makes sense.
  • Really enjoyed this article! The 6 tips were great! Definetely will put them to practice! Good thing I am not a smoker, so that is one less thing to worry about!
  • Definitely need to follow this advice!
  • Good article! Clearly I need to find ways to stress less and exercise more. I'm glad to see that I'm doing most of the other things right.
    Great article. I know we have heard so much of this info before, just need to apply it! I catch colds way too often, now I have some immune ammo to build up my body with. hugs deb
  • If your family medical history lends itself to autoimmune disease, please read about gluten grains and how eliminating them might help your pain, inflammation, immunity. Google is your friend.

    Here's one woman's account: http://autoimmunediseasesgfliving.blogspot
    -connection-or.html or for shorter, easier copying and pasting:

    If you or someone you love has IBS, it might be celiac disease and misdiagnosed. Gluten-free diet helps with epilepsy, Tourette's, narcolepsy ...

    ~40% of our population have the genes for celiac disease. Doesn't mean they're triggered, but stress can do it. 95% of the population are undiagnosed. I am not even talking about gluten "sensitivity" which is another topic.

    Sure, you can take QUALITY vitamins, but are you absorbing them?! Your immunity is in your gut, so take care of it!

    Speaking from experience (unfortunately). :P

    (Always cracks me up that people have to be told to be moderate in their drinking. Why isn't it ever suggested to not drink at all? ... I know, killjoy, huh?!) lol
  • Very good article.So glad I love broccoli.No wonder I rarely get sick.I try to eat right,get exercise and keep a positive attitude.
  • Your otherwise useful article is marred by the offhand comment "supplements can be shady". It is a complete mischaracterization that dietary supplements are unregulated. Foods are no more regulated than supplements in terms of providing the stated nutritional levels. Both foods and supplements are regulated by the FDA, both are subject to Good Manufacturing laws (cGMPs), which, help ensure safety, identity and quality of food and dietary supplement ingredients, all of which help ensure these products provide the stated nutritional content. The FDA has similar powers to enforce these laws for foods as it does dietary supplements and the FTC has jurisdiction over claims for these foods including nutritional content and health claims. Some nutrients are even acknowledged by the medical profession as difficult to acquire from the typical diet alone, especially as we age. Women don't get enough calcium, most of us don't get enough Vitamin D. So If you think you can get all the nutrients you need from the fabled "healthy diet" go right ahead and try! Me, I will continue to take my fish oil, Vit D, calcium, chromium, magnesium and zinc because I personally feel better when I'm taking these supplements and I have confidence that they are just as regulated as foods!
  • I am 70* years old, widowed recently and have been taking vitamins from a very reputable company for over 35 years. I see the difference the older i get. I'm a firm believer in the premise that good nutrition and regular exercise improve our quality of life, do not necessarily extend it.......................there is a company called Nutrilite that can answer a lot of questions regarding supplementation and they've been around for over 65 years.............
  • Good article to reiterate why we use and need spark people. On page 2 the last sentence there is a typo, it should be eat instead of each. Keep the articles coming - we need all the help we can get.
    This article carries a rather condescending tone, in my opinion.

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