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''I Walked Off 60 Pounds in the Comfort of My Home!'' *

TIME4JUDI Walked Without Setting Foot Outside


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I love walking. Report
I love this story! Please please share more stories of people with limited mobility. This beautiful lady is so inspiring! Report
What a great story! Report
Way to go Judi! Report
Her story definitely inspired me and proved you don't need fancy equipment or a gym membership to get moving and lose weight. Good for her. Report
congratulations. What a beautiful transformation. Leslie Sansone is my go to person when I'm working out. She has so many variations that I never get bored! Keep up the great work! What an inspiration.


Nola Report
I hope you are still doing as well......truly..... Report
It is good to read your story again. Congratulations on your success! Report
Congrats! Report
I don't have a gym membership. That doesn't keep me from working out. Report
Great Blog, That is a great way to do it at home. I too use Leslies walking 1 to 5 so I might give it a better try.
WELL DONE, you look lovely so slim. Pat in Maine. Report
Way to go Judi, you've inspired me to get on my treadmill in the morning. I am one that uses weather for an excuse of not going outdoors. I'm retired and should be moving more. Thank you for your inspiration. Congrats on losing the weight. You look great. Report
Great for you! Congrats's! You are an inspiration!
I walked outside for an entire year, but I did not lose any weight. Report
Shame on me! No excuses. If Judi can do it, so can I. And that's what SP is all about - inspiration followed by motivation. Thanks. Report
Very inspirational. I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, and the elements as well as my pain affects my workouts as well. Congratulations! Report

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