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''I Walked Off 60 Pounds in the Comfort of My Home!'' *

TIME4JUDI Walked Without Setting Foot Outside


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I too have lost all of my weight using Leslie Sansone DVD's. She is truly a life saver!

I appreciate your article...and congratulations on all of your wonderful accomplishments! Report
This is fantastic! I know that MS can be a struggle as I have friends who have it. It gives me hope that even though I can't run for a while, that I can lose my weight by walking. I have started walking during lunch now that the snow is off the ground up here in Igloo Land (teheheeh..Edmonton) and I don't have to fear a fall on the ice. Thanks for the inspiration. Report
A WESOME!! Good for you! I use Leslie's DVDS ' too! I did the kickboxing one tonight! What a workout that was LOL ! I never new there was such a DVD so great! She's very down to earth and she tells you to do as much as you can so you don't feel like a failure if you can't quite keep up at first. I'm sure you feel so good with the NEW YOU!! I just started back on my healthy eating and this time (after MANY) I really feel the SPARK site will be my answer!! I am sooooooooooooo excited that I found this site! THANKS FOR YOUR ENCOURAGING WORDS!!! Report
Thank you so much for this article!! I never knew there were any "walking" dvd's. I don't have the space or the money for a treadmill and I am very self conscious doing anything in front of others. It's good to know I have an alternative. You look great and I wish you well. Thank you again for writing this article! Report
Congratulations! Way to go! I have love Leslie's DVDs and have been using them consistently for 7 months. I have seen the results myself. Keeping walking! Report
I just purchased Laurie's DVD set.. I am glad to hear that you had success with them. That inspires me! Report
You have a wonderful message - people don't have to spend small fortunes to get fit, they can do it at home providing they have the will. And you certainly had the will. Congratulations.
Bernadette Report
Great story, you have also inspired me to get off my butt and walk. God Bless you!!!! Report
This story has inspired me to walk , walk, walk. Hugs Lammy Report
GOD BE PRAISED! I am an avid believer of WATP. Until my recent injury, I too was WATP daily. When my stress fractures heal, I cannot wait to get back to Leslie and her DVD'S. Keep up the good work. Report
Wow, I have much admiration for you! I have been waiting to read an article that shows a person winning the weight battle within their own home! You answered my question...Does anyone stay home and lose weight anymore?

Thank yopu so much Report
You are proof to nay-sayers out there that with a simple and consistent WALKING program, fantastic results ARE possible - seeing as I've got over 100 pounds to lose, walking is most times the most strenuous exercise I can manage, yet at the gym, "they" tell you it isn't enough! Thanks for your story - I'm going to give a walking program all my attention for now:) Report
That is such an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing it. Report
Wow - you look great! 60 pounds gone that is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story. Report

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