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25 Cheap Foods that are Good for You!

Get BIG Nutrition for Less Dough


    Yeah this is not evenly remotely helpful for Canadians- eggs close to 3 bucks a dozen and a pack of four chicken breasts runs over 20-25 dollars. - 11/15/2015 11:18:11 PM
  • How much do Doritos cost per pound? ($4 a pound) Or snicker bars? ($5 a pound) Or McD's chicken nuggets ($13 a ponnd). Even if you double the prices in his article, it is still much cheaper to eat healthy. - 11/3/2015 7:27:10 PM
  • I think prices have gone up since this was written! I know eggs cost more than that, and so does the chicken breasts we buy! - 8/28/2015 8:30:22 PM
    Fast, fresh, local all these words apply to getting the lowest cost for healthier foods. I love canned beans and they can taste as fresh as the dried ones that take hours to cook. - 8/28/2015 9:36:40 AM
    Fast, fresh, local all these words apply to getting the lowest cost for healthier foods. I love canned beans and they can taste as fresh as the dried ones that take hours to cook. - 8/28/2015 9:36:40 AM
  • JIMINYC, how I miss HEB, especially the Central Market. I would love to have one here in MS.
    One way I save is to watch when meats are being put on sale right before the expiration date. I buy family packs of chicken legs, thighs, and breasts, open them and divide them up into single meal freezer bags. It's a great way to have something on hand that's easy to defrost and cook.
    Prices are always changing, and I think we all have to be very flexible in shopping and menu planning. - 8/27/2015 10:05:22 AM
  • The point is these healthy foods are cheapER. However, in Texas many of these prices can be had today, some for less. Also check Amazon some of their prices for food are good. My local HEB food store has canned salmon 14.75 oz. for $2.62. Black beans as low as 72 cents. Eggs are higher now and some of the other items but really the exact price is not the point of the story. - 8/27/2015 9:16:04 AM
  • While I agree that these prices are off, did anyone bother to read the last comment that the prices were from only 2 stores and they are from 2013. So of course the food cost have escalated. So give the editor a break and focus on the food. - 8/27/2015 7:58:50 AM
    I have this conversation (every time I'm at my doctor's office) about the price of healthy foods. She doesn't get it either....lining her fridge with healthy foods is easier for her pocketbook than mine. These prices quoted here? Wow! Please don't stoop to adding insult to accurate and suggest ways that you're going to lobby to help LOWER healthy foods costs! - 8/27/2015 7:32:53 AM
  • Prices weren't this low when I worked at a discount grocery store five years ago. - 7/10/2015 9:24:19 PM
  • Obviously this is an older blog and grocery prices cannot be expected to remain static. That being said, the types of food listed are probably still fairly relative in price. I did find it interesting to follow the link given for USDA National Retail Report - Fruits and Vegetable. It gives a lot of information about CURRENT prices and also some comparisons with last year. Page 3 starts the section that compares last year and this year and takes 'simple weighted' averages. After you get thru that, page 12 starts regional comparisons for Northeast, Southeast and Midwest, then starting page 23 you get South Central, Southwest and Northwest. The site has some links at the top of the page - could probably find more current reports there. - 3/2/2015 1:29:41 PM
    I don't know where you shop, but the prices in California are way-y-y-y-y higher than the ones you cited. - 2/28/2015 1:24:28 PM
  • CEECEE417
    I only buy wild salmon, grass fed organic beef and organic chicken. After looking at the "dirty dozen" list of foods with the most pesticides, I try and buy organic, when on sale..... apples, celery, carrots, grapes, spinach, salad, kale, potatoes,, etc.. Prices here in Connecticut are very high even for foods that are not organic, unfortunately. If I don't buy organic produce, I soak everything in a white vinegar and water solution and then rinse with cold water before eating / serving. - 2/28/2015 1:16:18 PM
  • Have most of these in my pantry. remember frozen are almost as good as fresh. Just don't cook them to death,
    As far as someone mentioned iceberg lettuce, don't bother, very little nutritional value.
    Go for romaine.
    many of items with lower prices you can find in bulk store areas, or wholesale box stores. The larger quantities , better price.
    yesterday, Winco, large pork roast in the bag, #1.18 lb. medium size quanty , $1.98, small portion. #2.79. - 2/28/2015 11:04:31 AM
  • Good choices. I am not sure why you don't like iceberg lettuce I don't mind it - it is cheaper to buy a head of lettuce (any lettuce) and a tomatoe or other fixings than it is to buy one of those bagged "salads" and probably better for you. - 2/27/2015 9:33:42 PM

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