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8 Cold, Hard Truths about Exercise

It's Time for an Exercise in Tough Love


  • I've been working out 5-6 days a week since February and have learned so many of these things the hard way! If I miss even a day I feel sluggish when I get to the routine again. I had one HRM without a chest strap that said I was burning 600 calories then bought one with a chest strap that said the same workout was only 210! Also I find that I can do exactly the same DVD one day and burn more calories than I do when I do it the next day. I'm working on Biggest Loser DVDs now to change it up from the walking ones I have been rotating since February. - 6/15/2012 9:54:12 AM
  • Good article, but I tend to agree with those who said it was 'discouraging'. Discouraging to me as I have consistent lower back pain and have just finished an 8 week lower back pain management class. This class was very helpful as I learned about things I can do and cannot do. Most videos and exercise routines simply do not help me, but aggravate the pain. I am simply doing what I learned in the class but none of it is 'cardio' work. I walk every day, but only 2 or 3 miles and am losing weight at l/2 to 1 lb per week. I feel good about what I am doing and have decided that it is not my 'best' interest to watch these videos. - 6/14/2012 4:15:31 PM
  • The part about "you're not burning as many calories as you think" rang true for me! My RPM instructor says we can burn up to 800 calories per 45-minute class. I love RPM, but that's definitely not accurate for me; my HRM indicates that I burn about 300 calories during that time. The good news: my heart is strong and healthy; the bad news: gone are the days of burning 800 calories per hour! - 6/14/2012 11:20:51 AM
    I wish I could disagree as most of the info is a downer, but from experience I know much of it is true. Having said that, the very best thing you can do is find something you can stick with. Walking 6-7 days a week is my mainstay - it's easy & flexible, so I have stuck with it for probably 10+ years now. I also started ballroom dancing 15 years ago - that is something I LOVE to do, so it doesn't feel like exercise. Different dances work different muscle groups, and varying speeds change your heart rate. Walking allows me to dance a long time, as it has developed my legs and stamina. I feel lousy when I don't walk and I would have even more trouble with my weight maintenance, so I make the time! - 6/13/2012 9:44:40 PM
  • Great article and a good one for us who commit to exercise. It brought the realization that that I need to up the cardio. We can get complacent just because we exercise regularly. - 6/13/2012 4:13:20 PM
  • I really loved this article and when our printer is working I will print it and put it on my inspiration/motivation wall. - 6/13/2012 12:54:19 PM
  • I know my treadmill over estimates calories burned. I am 5. 3, 145 bs. My treadmill says my hour jog burns 850 calories. I WISH!! I always cut the total in half. 400 calories for the hour is closer. Atleast I hope it is that much. - 6/13/2012 12:50:30 PM
  • I liked this article, but if I had read it last year, when I was more in an "all or nothing" mode, I would have ditched what little exercise I was doing. Now, I'm working out every day and I "get" what the writer is saying. I guess it's one of those "for those who have ears to hear" sort of things! - 6/13/2012 12:48:45 PM
  • LYNEDE76
    Perhaps writing an article that helps steer people FURTHER in the direction of improved health and fitness, rather than discouraging the efforts of people who are making efforts to become more active!

    I am currently doing a fitness challenge through my Beachbody Coach, Christie Williams, who is also a member of SparkPeople. I appreciate the rewards of a good workout, but I have learned that one of the greatest keys to success in anything is POSITIVITY!
    - 6/13/2012 12:40:59 PM
    True, true article. Good thing i love working out! Life long commitment! - 6/13/2012 12:32:55 PM
    Loved the article. I have a tendency to think that I can have that candy bar because I workout so hard I will have to let that rationalization go. - 6/13/2012 12:09:26 PM
  • I definetely agree. It's the whole package. I would add in there to get enough rest to. It is very hard to have a good work out when you are lacking in the sleep department. Another suggestions to is to take vitamins. That is a big help when you might be eating like you want to. I work out really hard & I'm now finding out it is my diet that is lacking. Trying to eat more fruits & vegetables. More lean protein as well. It is not easy I can tell you that. Going thru premenopause makes it even more difficult. I not going to give in I just keep going! - 6/13/2012 11:48:03 AM
    i'm 71 and i exercise 6 days a week for about an hour and have done that and more all my life. i change my routine about every 2 months. right now i do a 15 minute 4 mile exercise cycle ride, 18 stretching/yoga exercises, then i do interval training for 20 minutes using jakes tower, dumbbells, and kettlebells. i do 3 exercises back to back, short rest and continue on for a total of 30 exercises, working all muscles, but concentrating more on legs, back , chest and core. i use an interval timer watch. i do this routine 3 days a week. the other 3 days i do 33 stretching/yoga/core exercises after my 15 minute bike ride. my weight has never varied more than 5 or 6 lbs for 40 years and i recommend all seniors get into exercising. my uncle is still exercising daily and he turned 102 last march. - 6/13/2012 11:47:32 AM
    One thing I would like to add is that not everyone can run, or have high stress inpact on their legs or knees with workout videos. Due to previous injuries. Swimming and riding a bike can help with cardio. - 6/13/2012 11:00:44 AM
  • US News and World Report published an article a few years ago about how one's diet affected weight loss much more than the amount of exercise. I wrote a letter to the editor because I thought it gave a dismal picture of exercise and wasn't very encouraging to those of us who worked so hard to do it! Now, a few years later, I have FINALLY realized that all of your 8 cold hard truths (and their 1 cold hard truth) are exactly right! I have dwelled on that US News article for a long time and finally decided to put it to the test a few months ago. This is the first time I've had success in losing weight (since having kids) ---- with a combination of hard work exercising and strength training (which is even harder for me) and eating a sensible diet. Thanks for your article. I AGREE! - 6/13/2012 11:00:20 AM

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