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8 Cold, Hard Truths About Exercise

It's Time for an Exercise in Tough Love


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  • Although the article is full of truths, it seems like it's discouraging. It's almost saying... No matter what you're doing, it isn't enough.
  • The difference between "exercise" and "activity" is an interesting one. The latter counts against your Base Metabolic Rate, while the former is Bonus Burn???
  • I will go along with all that is said, get a HRM is the best and the worse thing I ever did. It showed that I was not burning the calories that I thought I was . It also showed that I was burning more when I changed things around.

    If you have a HRM try turning it on when you get up and just see how many calories you have burnt in that day, I bet it is a lot less than you thought you had.
    This article was trying to give some good advice but the way in which it was delivered was not helpful in particular in regard to the points on not all activity counting as exercise. Focussing people on an idea of it doesn't count unless it is ten minutes or done in any certain way sets up a barrier in their mind of exercise as being like a burden. Half the problem with everyone's issue with exercise is this feeling of inferiority in it and their concept of what it is to count. Focussing people in on time and form of it makes something that could be natural more enjoyment of life that feels timeless into a set mundane hard picture that they are trapped in, people need exercise to seem an easily accessible, achievable and enjoyable concept to be able to easily approach it in everyday life and keep it up. The best exercise comes when you are involved in an activity that has relevance to your everyday life that is not an add on to it just a part of it you are naturally choosing and approaching with a stuck in attitude because you get more out of it than if all you are focussing on is how many calories it might burn you or how much food it might earn you or how much weight you might lose. You only lose track of time in exercise when it has other rewards. I.e, you like the feeling of breathing more life in and there is something at the top of the hill you want to see or get. Or you want to get your new appliance home to play with it so you are so focused on what you are going to do with it at the end the weight is not what you are dwelling on, anything is something, it gets you started and it may not continue long in the moment but it may get the oxygen going to get you doing more later. All exercise is is realising what an exciting gift we have been given in our body and testing out in wonder like a child what you can do with it, stretching out into the ends of it to feel the most fully and joyously involved in life. If it is ten minutes of this or they say it won't count otherwise it will be harder to put life into it as it feels so etching you have to do on hold before you can be part of life again and you will get nothing out of it and waste the time feeling miserable and trapped
  • the article was right on the money. In working out you should break a sweat. I found this article to be informative. It has a lot of good information to take in. All which I found to be true. I do know that you need to find a workout you like or you won't even do it.
  • I found this depressing as I hate to exercise. Alas, every point is so true. Getting up now and going for my walk.
  • The older you get, the harder you have to work! I have exercised all my life. I have to work much harder now than I did 10 years ago to get results that aren't even nearly as good as I did back then.
    Truly appreciated reading this article and I believe all the statements and advice are true.
    I'm going to favorite this article for awhile and read it often.
    Thank you

  • The WEATHER thankfully causes me to vary my routine a lot. I don't belong to a gym so walking/jogging happens outside and outside only. If it is too hot, too cold (that's a harder point to get to for me than too hot but if it's below 15 - 20 I'm probably not doing much outside). raining, icy or there is deep snow then I'm doing workout videos inside and those get boring if I don't switch them up on a daily basis. I have to have a week between doing the same video or I find myself almost yawning.
  • Good reference, I'm only starting out trying to develop a fitness routine and to be honest I'm not taking all the information too seriously at this stage. To be doing exercise every day is a big deal for me, once I feel it's part of my daily life, I'll try to take more of the advice on board.
    Excellent advice and well written. Until I started SP, it never dawned on me that doing the same exercise would cause plateaus. So changing things up has really helped even tho my weight loss is very slow. I guess patience and continual movement are the keys.
    How depressing for newbies like myself :(
  • MZMOCK810
    When I'm working out I am always saying to myself "If I just keep doing it I will learn to love it" or "If I keep it up I will become one of those people that loves to workout". Patiently day by day I wait for that switch to flip where I look forward to working out and love it.

    Reading this article actually helped propel me through my second workout today as I started thinking "Hardly anybody loves working out". It made me feel better to know that it feels like a "chore" to pretty much everybody. Knowing that most people feel the same way about it as I do helped me to feel like I'm not alone and that there's not something wrong with me because I don't enjoy working out despite how long I've been doing it.
  • Great article. I love the ring of truth ... and many of these I have discovered by trial and error.

    "Routine is the exercise enemy" was hard for me to hear. But I appreciate having to look at that now. Thank you.
    Awesome article that as it's written by a pro, we (especially those of us not in the business) should really pay serious attention to! She won top honors in this business. As she points out exercise is only half, but 50% is a lot of anything, so we got to figure out how to get some in our lives. Anyone who reads this will know 1 if they're doing it right, 2 what is and what is not exercise 3 how much/ how long/ in min. and how long over all (in your life). This site hired the best person to write this article.

    The only thing I might add is when I used to go to gyms I never wanted to work out as hard as the employees that were showing me the different machines as I wanted to work up to a fit level and not get hurt going too fast. I learned from my (very bright and fit) boyfriend that one should work at around 80%, 70 is too easy, and 90 is only for serious athletes in the Olympics etc. He showed me how counting my pulse etc. did the math for me, but trainers, gym employees or googleing it can tell you also.

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