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Intermediate Walking Workouts

A 12-Week Program with More Challenge


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  • I love walking and plan to do it today since I can't make it to the gym. Thanks for these tips!
  • interesting way to go about it
  • Great information
  • An intelligent way to build up time and not get discouraged or bored!
  • I love this walking chart. I have copied it and now i have it posted on my computer. Although I do most of my walking inside due to a buckling knee, there are times when I will walk in my neighborhood. Great article. Thanks Coach Jen.
    Hello. I just signed up. This is a great article and your website is really a wonderful resource when it comes to fitness and health. Hey, I'm sure your other readers will benefit from these, too. Check this out.
  • YVONNEB1005
    Love this workout. Start with this walk and follow up with 5 min arm or ab workout in the mornings. How much calories burned with this walking routine?
    I consider myself a intermediate walker because I always walk 65 minutes 3mph on the treadmill with no incline. However, I would like to increase my pace as well as add the incline I just dont know how and where to start. This guide seems fairly easy to follow.
  • Fabulous early morning walk with my husband! We saw no other walkers which has never happened before! Looking fwd to walking with the team!
  • I will try this to see how I like it. I love to walk.
  • Wow, I would consider myself a beginner to intermediate walker but I already do about three miles a day, sometimes more. I do hills outside and incline on the treadmill and maintain a good pace. I do want to increase my pace however and have been slowly building up.
    This plan seemed like it would have helped me a lot if I wasn't already walking an hour on the treadmill. ha! lol. but I am concerned about my pace I warm up on 2mph and walk for 45 minutes at 2.5mph on a incline of 2. I want to increase my speed however I want to stay on there for an hour.
  • i am totally motivated to get going tomorrow morning so you'll hear more from me!
    Sorry--just read no questions--my bad
    So what about a treadmill work out? How can this be incorporated?

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