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Beginner Walking Workouts

A 12-Week Program that Builds Endurance


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  • Easy to understand and a can do plan. Love it!
  • WLLMS62
    This is an excellent program. I happen to love walking. For me it's my favorite workout.
    I did two miles today. Tomorrow I'll try the workout listed here. It should be fun.
    This helps now i don't feel overwhelmed about walking 30min.Just a step at a time Thanks
  • This plan is quite easy to understand. 5-min for each warm up and cool down and increase 2-min every week for the walk briskly part. I've the motivation, plan and route to use but haven't found the perfect shoes!
  • its the first step......................................
    tonight after watching the evening news and having a bowl of ceral....the last comment on the news was about Spark People's web site. Here I am.....I have Fibromyalgia and RA...I am 60 lab over weight. It is time to move !!! I have reade the articles and I am very impressed with what I am reading.
    Tomorrow is the DAY! I will start my walking and stretching and hopefully with encouragement from this site, I will overcome.
    Good luck to allBeginners as wellas my self....Here we go......Jo-Ann
  • KTC037
    Will start a streak of walking today... Thanks for the encouragement.
  • I'm happy to see this article. I used to walk years ago (a lot) and felt wonderful. Then the pounds crept up and I'm so out of shape. I got some devastating news about my health a couple of weeks ago and really need all the exercise I can muster.

    I was surprised to read that if you have back problems or leg problems, the best thing you can do is exercise-Not lie in bed, but exercise! That's great to hear, now if I can just DO it!

    Special thanks to doughnutknickers for her comment on the "shape up shoes". I was thinking of them this morning since a niece of mine was raving about them over the weekend. Of course, she is not really heavy so I was wondering if someone with a balance problem should start off with them and also, I was trying to think of what she called them so I could look up on the internet.

  • i started my beginners walking program 3 days ago and i'm already feeling a difference. i'm able to walk a bit more briskly today.

    it's just AMAZING how our bodies respond in such a positive. way :-)
  • It's my 67th birthday and I started the beginner walking prog today. Walking is great for bad backs AND helps to lower that bad LDL cholesterol! I want to see a lot more birthdays! Thank you, SparkPeople for the wonderful guidance and motivation...
  • Well, here goes! I have never had such a hard time trying to get weight off! I guess it's the menopause and quitting smoking 4 mths ago. Not that I was skinny before but I only needed to lose 20 it's almost 50. I'd settle for 30 tho....LOL!
  • POOSKI106
    Just managed to navigate to this page and have printed out the Beginners Walking Guide ~ looks like this could be just the thing for me. Thanks again, SparkPeople, POOSKI106, Pru x
  • Well, I weigh 217 Lb (15 1/2 stone) and have a really bad lower back..but I've been doing this for around a week now. I actually started before I joined spark people so am already walking about 50 mins per day in 2 sessions of 25 mins. It's so enjoyable and energising. I don't like walking normally unless I'm going somewhere - but because this is very brisk walking, you get the buzz and the challenge to push yourself. For the first few days I only walked 10 mins round the block but I was soon raring to go! I just hope I shed some of this awful weight soon!

    PS. I really recommend Sketchers shape-up shoes for walking especially for the very overweight as they are very cushioned (easy on the joints) and the soles are a curve design to make you walk properly ie heel to toe. Good luck all
  • SHAN00
    Am off to start a walk haven't done anything for long time had bad back problems. I need to loose heaps. shan00
  • In week 3 now, I love it ! Great way to start the day, makes me feel great and gives me energy to make extra workouts and chores during the day. Helps me to bring my stress level and my weight down ! Awesome !

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