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Beginner Walking Workouts

A 12-Week Program that Builds Endurance


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  • I have a heart rate monitor which I plan to wear during these walks. I am not good at evaluating my own perceived exertion. I have tried it before and realize I am not good at it. That is why I got a heart rate monitor. Can you please convert the RPE scale into a percentage of maximum heart rate so that I can look to my heart rate monitor for guidance rather than my own perceptions. I know this sounds weird but that is how my brain works.
  • CHINUE_56
    Starting again, been away for awhile. Looking forward to a new start.
  • NEWMAN391
    i shave copd sometimes walking is hard for me but would like to start a program of walking so i can lose some of the wieght i have gained can u help me with a program. thank u gloria
    I used to walk a lot before, But I've stopped long time ago. Now it's time to start all over again, and also try to reduce calories and fats in my food. I am 21 yrs old, and I weight 80 kg, where BMI has stated my ideal weight is 63 kg. My goal is to reach 60 kg until December, 2012 and maybe more afterwards, if I am successful :) I am new with this group and am hoping it will help with my weight, healthy living AND confidence :)
    I try to go to the gym everyday so I'm going to put this plan into action on the treadmill for my cardio before the weights! :)
    I love walking and start this today! I love walking on the treadmill. It's hot right now so, I may do that instead. I'm new at losing weight and exercising so any ideas how to get started would be great!
    I am gonna start this on May 25, 2012!
  • I am walking with a 'WI video called "walk it out", it plays music and you walk and click on to icons to get points. This also keeps track of steps taken, calories burned, and miles taken. I've started with 30 minutes and it showed me I walked over 2,000 steps, 1.2 miles and yesterday only burned 113 callories. I do it after work when I get home.
  • NETTIE417
    I started walking with my grandkids and their new puppy. When we got back after 1/2 hr walk, even the puppy took a nap.
  • ok here we go! Friday Apr 27 I will walk on lunchbreak!
  • BONBON6285
    I started walking at our new walking park on Monday, April 16, 2012 at 430am. The walks were great, it isnt a proper mile but have been told that 2 and 1/2 times around makes a mile so I walked 5 times around. The reason I quit was because around 12pm after eating lunch it was all I could do to keep my eyes open to the point that my coworkers were having to nudge me, it was aweful. I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO AND NEED TO WALK FOR MY OWN HEALTH REASONS, any suggestions. So far I am loving this site and looking forward to meeting new people with similar exercise/weight loss ideas and suggestions.
  • I'm on this today !!
  • I just finished week 1 of walking just about every day. Would like to work towards running. Is there a good guideline for that?
    I am going to this TODAY! I will post how it works out!
  • I will start today while my son is at preschool! My little girl loves going on walks with Mommy.

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