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Beginner Walking Workouts

A 12-Week Program that Builds Endurance


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    Walking with intention is always a good exercise. I continue to wish that Spark People would allow you to record intensity of a work out - calories really vary.
  • GASKIN134
    I have been back and forth with getting into moving like I should and this article was a good foundation to follow. My only question is what do you recommend for warming up and for cooling down?
  • I've dreaded any kind of exercise for so long but actually look forward to starting this tomorrow! I have chronic back and hip pain due to an extremely stubborn spondylo, but I thinkpart of my problem is that I haven't exercised in so long - "use it or lose it". I'm 69 and need to lose 132 lb, so I'm here for the long run (and there's a laugh for you)! Anyway, I am truly inspired by this article. Thank you!
  • KRCT16
    Great article. It will be a drag to start during winter but there's no better time to start than the present.
  • even though I go to the gym 3-4 times a week I dont like walking outside, so this is a good idea to ease me into it
  • Very usefull article. Thank you, we need more of these. Walking is my favorite activity ever.
    Enjoyed reading this article, and this seems like a good idea for my fitness program. Going to go for this one.
  • I started this today and am looking forward to progressing with it. I have a bad knee and do mostly water exercises, but I love this time of year and want to be outside.
    I hope someone sent KEMOGANGAN the Leslie Sansone's web address because she DOES put out great free exercise videos there. I have many of her DVD's and my biggest problem came two years ago when I got really good at working the computer. ZAP! here I am sitting on my tush typing, and reading, and blogging WAY TOO MUCH! My plan is to tapper off, right? LOL!!! All addicts have withdrawal and this machine keeps me enthralled for hours! So, I have GOT to get away more often to do those exercises on my DVD's again. Wish me luck, folks!
  • I followed Dr. Andrew Weil's plan in his book, "Eight Weeks to Optimum Health."
    week one starts with 10 minutes of walking, increasing by 5 minutes each week until one is walking 45 minutes.

    Do whatever you can. It is always better to do something rather than nothing.
  • All this info is a great to know... I'm trying to figure out how to copy for myself.
  • BSL1956
    I have COPD and stared walking 2 miles a day last week its tough but I made it. I already feel better am going to try for 4 miles next week
    about half a block is all I can walk thanks to bad back and arthritis everywhere. so I use a power chair, walk beside it as far as the body lets me, ( try to go a little farther each time ), then ride and rest a bit then walk some more. in stores I push the chair and walk, can stay on my feet whole shopping trip on a good day. recently got a mini trampoline with a balance bar for safety. can only do a little jogging in place on it but gets the heart rate up and less joint pressure than jogging on a solid surface so i'm doing as much as I can every day- am 220, should only be 130-160. I am gonna lose it !!!
  • I used to be able to walk for 45 min. and no trouble at all. Back problems have taken over so I can only walk for about 15 min. before my leg goes numb and I have to stop. When I walk I take this into consideration and don't do more than I can. I also use a recumbent bike that takes pressure off my back.

    If you have health problems, do what you can. If that's just 5 min. a day, ok, it's better than nothing.

    I like the looks of this workout. It's definitely geared for beginners or people who need to ease into a walking program. I also like Leslie Sansone's workouts.
    Can't Wait to start!

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