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The Truth about ''Natural'' Sweeteners

Does Sugar by Any Other Name Still Taste as Sweet?


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    I was also surprised that there was nothing in your article about Stevia. I'd be interested to know how it stacked up nutritionally with some of the other sweeteners. Thanks for the article.
  • Great article; very informative. We've been using stevia for about a year and we love it, especially in cold drinks. Thanks again for all the great info!
  • The information on natural sweeteners was great and very informative.
  • I too like Stevia. I love the Vanilla Creme liquid in my iced coffee.
    Even in the cold of winter, I will enjoy an tall glass of iced coffee with Vanilla Creme.
    Usually 6-8 drops will do it.
    Stevia is the ultimate! All natural, no calorie, doesn't spike the blood sugar. Very surprised you did not include it in your all natural sweetener article.
    I was really suprised you left out STEVIA. It is a great natural sweetener with out the blood-sugar spike of sugar. I has no artificial stuff so is much better for you. It can be pricey, but you don't need to use much at all.
  • I was a little surprised that there was nothing about Stevia. It's my go-to sweetener for a lot of things, especially iced tea.

    I also like maple syrup and brown rice syrup. They don't give me the rush that refined sugar does.
  • Stevia is my sweetener. I LOVE it. Not the powdered form, I use the liquid. It doesn't affect your blood sugar and tastes great in my tea!!!
    Xylitol is discuss in our Sugar Alcohols article (see related content).
  • Thanks, SAMILAMB, for mentioning Xylitol -- I do not understand why the diet industry ignores Xylitol, which is so good for you in so many ways, esp. the extremely low glycemic index, and dental/oral care!
    Thanks - great summary, and I really appreciate the substitution info!
    Stevia is a very powerful sweetener (30 to 300 times that of sugar). It comes in both powder and liquid forms. It is identified as "non-caloric" or calorie-free. I find it quite comparable to sugar when used in coffee and tea. Apparently Coca-Cola is trying to develop their own brand to use in diet soft drinks. Until then, it is easily available in health food stores.
  • I really enjoyed reading about all the different sweeteners. Personally, I love using the Raw or Turbino sugar; I've used it for about 7 years now instead of white, refined sugar. I use it for anywhere sugar is called for but didn't know about lowering the cooking temperature. I'm glad the article gave the replacements ratio to sugar, the flavor of each, etc. A great article!
    The article was good, but too bad they didn't include Xylitol information.
    Stevia is another natural sweetener that you can find in natural food stores and many grocery stores. It is classified as a supplement by the FDA. It is recommended as an alternate sweetener for people with Syndrome X (pre-diabetes).

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