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The Truth about ''Natural'' Sweeteners

Does Sugar by Any Other Name Still Taste as Sweet?


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Very important guys - will say it one more time sugar is sugar is sugar. People say they are afraid of splenda because it's supposed to cause cancer (they said the same about Equal but how many people have died from that), but sugar ages you faster than normal, it causes weight gain which brings on all types of other ailments like high blood pressure and heart disease. I prefer Splenda and I just purchased Truvia to give it a try. Agave, Black Molasses, and all these fru fru names are no better than regular sugar. When you digest it your body treats it and processes it as glucose. Report
The end of the article is what readers should focus on. Sugar is Sugar PERIOD! Your body doesn't care whether it came from specially bred bees from Nigeria or a 5lb bag of Dominoes sugar - it processes it the same. The amount of vitamins and minerals are trace meaning "don't even bother looking". I laugh when people or labels say they don't eat or contain refined sugar but will list 6 different types of sugar with pretty names. Report
I'm a big fan of sugar in the raw. Wish there was more nutritional benefits to using it as opposed to refined sugar but it tastes good. I can get it at walmart. Report
Very informative article. I've been using honey and Sugar in the Raw for a couple of years now, but after reading this article I'm definitely going to try some blackstrap molasses in my morning oatmeal.

I don't really understand all the Stevia love here. Perhaps most of these comments were made prior to the news that some studies have shown that it may cause cancer. It's currently banned in the EU and I trust them much more than I do the FDA. Report
From Stevia to Splenda, I get headaches after the fact. I am desperately attem[pting to just cut out sodas and go from there. Yikes! Report
From Stevia to Splenda, I get headaches after the fact. I am desperately attem[pting to just cut out sodas and go from there. Yikes! Report
Oops - sorry - going to read about xylitol in sugar alcohol articles - shoulda read before i posted!! Report
What about xylitol? It's lower calorie than sugar and completely natural - not to mention good for teeth and bones!! Report
Thanks for this GREAT article. I'm getting an education! Report
Most "White Sugar" produced in the US from US crops is made for beet sugar. Report
Stevia is great, and natural. Artificial sweetners are not intended for our bodies and cause great harm. Report
What about beet sugar? I'm living overseas right now and while it is true that most sugars in Western countries and especially in the States are made from cane, in Eastern Europe and a number of other places (including a lot of Western Europe) sugar is frequently made from sugar beets. Report
Please do an artical about Stevia. It is the one my doctor reccomends, since I am a diabetic, but I would like a second opinion. I do use it, but we have been hearing about the Agave nector. Could you tell me the difference between them. Report
Your article was incomplete. I've been using equal or it's generic counter part aspartame for about 20 yrs. I feel fine but would have liked to have seen a better conclusion. Please don't leave it in the air for up until now I've been a 100% fan! Thanks, CSR Report
I was also surprised that there was nothing in your article about Stevia. I'd be interested to know how it stacked up nutritionally with some of the other sweeteners. Thanks for the article. Report

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