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The Truth about ''Natural'' Sweeteners

Does Sugar by Any Other Name Still Taste as Sweet?


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  • WOW! Just read the Europe study of stevia mentioned by a member further down this comment string. Eye opening to say the least!
  • For what it's worth this article is good but it fails to name Stevia Extract which is another "natural" sweetner. Xylitol as some have commented on is NOT a "natural" sweetner as the article was focused on.
    You do not mention Xylitol. Rodney Bilton, Professor Emerius in Applied Biochemistry in the School of Pharmacy and Chemical Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University, has recommended this as the safest sugar substitute.
  • I just read something about coconut sugar this week. How does that fit into the list of sugars?
  • Nice article, love the chart.
    Also learning about how each sugar is produced... good job!

    Would like to have seen something about glycemic index as well as including palm and date sugar.

    Perhaps as a "part deux" to an otherwise informative article?
    Thx for a good read!
    : )
  • I have been told by doctors NOT to use any artificial sweetners at all. As some other people have said in these posts- they make you want more and more and in the end, they actually make you gain weight. The biggest area the doctors called me out on was dt. pop. They all told me no pop- prefered water. But if I felt I needed a pop to have a regular pop.
  • As a kid, many years ago, my parents gave us blackstrap molasses stirred into milk. Guess they knew what kept us healthy! It is surprising how many things people think are new ideas, but my parents did 70 and more years ago for their family.
  • I'm so glad that its becoming more and more common for people to understand that Agave syrup is CRAP.

    Its Not very good for you~

    I like to use honey, molasses and even coconut sugar on occasion. I dont use any of these very often though.
  • Regarding Stevia and fertility, here is a report from the European Union which addressed that subject. They did find a link.
  • I too think that it is important to consider glycemic index when talking about sugar. Something like palm sugar, which is fairly natural, does not cause a spike in the blood sugar and is a great alternative to white table sugar. It also replaces sugar 1:1.

    Dates are an excellent sweetener as well. If you chop them up in a food processor, or make them into a paste by mixing with a little bit of almond milk they can be really great for quick breads and bar cookies.

    I also think that it's important to differentiate between various types of honey. Raw honey has significantly more nutrition than its processed counterpart.
  • Go with Stevia if you're watching calories. Despite what Dr OZ says in his book, it does not cause sterility in men (he also claims Splenda is safe...nice job Doc!)
    This article just scratches the surface. Yes, sugar is sugar, I guess, but what about the glycemic index? How fast sugar is absorbed can be very important to overweight people and helpful in avoiding a sugar rush. Everyone knows to limit sugar, but sugars do have different qualities aside from nutritional value or lack thereof. And, yes stevia and processed sweeteners were left out as well. I grow my own stevia and it's fantastic and a great low calorie, non sugar alternative. This article is pretty much useless.
    I can't believe this article left out Stevia! Its all natural and very very low in calories! 1tbsp of Stevia is equal to a cup of sugar!
    I'd say avoid all the artifical sweeteners(as in aspertame, spelnda, sucralose etc) all together! they are TERRIBLE for you, they have been proven to dull your mind and in studies they have found that they actually contribute to weight gain!
  • blackstrap molasses are so very good on a sweet potato, just a tablespoon full...
  • EDHME2
    My only concern about this article is that they showed the serving size, but that does not mean the sweetness level is equal. Example: you use less agave than sugar to get the same level of sweetness. I would have liked it if they added a sweetness comparison by amount. They did mention that 3/4 cup honey sweetens like 1 cup of sugar.

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